• UV-Protection: Our grass backdrop are made of superior polyethylene, which blocks out the harmful UV light and is the best material as a decoration for outdoors and indoors. With the elaborate grid frame design, our fake grass wall is good at withstanding strong wind. For better coverage, we recommend using sheets or cloths at the back of the frame when hung in the air.
  • Easy installation: Comes with 12 packs per box. Each side of the grass backdrop wall has five buckles. Just attach them one by one. Or use zip ties to connect them. And the length of each backing frame is exactly 20"X20", which is perfect for your project. To make the grass panels more fluffy, gently brush the leaves with hands to adjust the leaves that were flatten or folded during shipping.
  • Exquisite Craft: Our boxwood hedge wall panels looks more natural and vivid with gradient color that transition from light green to dark green. 400 stitches of leaves with smooth trimming for the leaves will offer a more realistic and plant foliage wall plant decor. The fake grass for walls are very durable as well.
  • No Maintenance: Conveniently, our boxwood hedge don’t need any watering to maintain. Or pest controlling, pruning, fertilizing, or whatever else real live plants need to survive and stay at the tip top condition. The boxwood panels save you time and hassle remarkably. Simply clean with water hose and air dry.
  • Usage for Outdoors and Indoors: The high-density hedge panels can create a natural appearance for anywhere. It is used for both outdoors and indoors, like bridal shower, feature wall, office, restaurants, garden fence, wood fence, balcony decor, patio, backyard, outdoor wedding, party, flower wall base, etc.

Product Description

Durable & Strong

Resilient mesh made from high quality plastic is capable if holding 50 lbs object hung in the middle of the mesh. Feel free to decorate the panels with some hanging ornament to fit the overall style of your projects or stylize it more with whatever you desire.

Precise Measuring

Each boxwood panel measures 20x20 inch from the mesh. We value the overall size of our products, and with the proper dimension, our boxwood tiles will aid your projects and renovations with their remarkable precision and accuracy.

Less Maintaining

No trimming off the wildly grown leaves and branches, no watering the plants and loosening the soil, no deadwood sticking out in autumn and winter. Artificial plants have been serving as a never-withering green scenes in many families.

Coverage Area 33.33 sq ft 66.66 sq ft 99.99 sq ft 133.32 sq ft
Pieces per Package 12 24 36 48
Stitches per Panel 400 400 400 400
Dimension per Panel 20x20 inch 20x20 inch 20x20 inch 20x20 inch

12 Pcs 20"X20"Grass Wall , Greenery Backdrop, Grass Wall Panels, Hedge Wall Uv-Protected Green Wall Decor Boxwood Panels Indoor & Outdoor Event Backyard Decor


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