• 100% Pe
  • 🍃Durability: Our grass backdrop wall panels are made of new non-toxic plastic. It is UV-proof grass panels, which won’t fade in years even if exposed to sunlight. It looks more lifelike with the 400 stitches of thick leaves.
  • 🍃H-Quality: Brand-New & H-Quality PE, Ensure without any smell. Spare 40 leaves and 100 cable ties.
  • 🍃Easy Setting Up: These boxwood hedge wall panels are installed easily with the installation guidelines that come within each package along with some extra boxwood leaves and zip ties.
  • 🍃Minimal maintenance: The green wall panel decor for the outdoors requires absolutely minimal maintenance. There is no need to irrigate, and the grass wall panels will maintain their greenery and denseness all year round.
  • 🍃 Package: 12 Pieces 20”x20” boxwood hedge panels and extra leaves and zips and installation guide, covered 33.33 sq ft(The grid is 20 inch x 20 inch)
  • 🍃Outdoor and Indoor Decor: Our grass wall backdrop is used widely. It is a perfect decor to resolve your privacy issues, like backyard decor, balcony privacy screen, outdoor patio decor, wedding, bridal shower, greenery backdrop, and more. Improving the aesthetic appeal of your area.

Product Description

Resilient & Strong

The high-quality frame will stay in shape even when facing strong forces, and it can hold up against bad weather. Each frame has about 45 lbs weight capacity at the center.

High Density

Each frame contains 441 stitches instead of 400 stitches to provide higher-density leaves. Each leaf has a gradient mixed green tone to offer better colors.

Easily Done

The frames can be cut with simple home tools such as scissors or knives. After being cut into ideal shapes, the frames will remain resilient without easily cracking.

Reformable Shape

If the leaves were pressed during transit, simply leave them under the sun for several hours, they will slowly return to their original shape and form.


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12 Pieces 20” X 20” Artificial Hedge Boxwood Panels with 400 Stitches Boxwood Hedge Grass Wall Green Greenery Plant Mats UV Stable for Indoor Outdoor Decor Garden Fence

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