2 Pack Dog Bells - Red Puppy Training Doorbell for Dogs to Ring to Go Outside

  • 🔔A Gift for Your Puppy: Teaching dog to ring a bell to go out out or go to the toilet, instead of bark or scratching on the door to get your attention.Ideal training gadget to treats game, training, feed training and order training for your pets.It can improve the feelings and communication with you lovely pet.
  • 🔔Durable Puppy Bells: Our 7 piece 1.5'' extra large bells are made of premium stainless steel material, firm and not easily deformed and can make jingle sounds loud but not shrill. You can hear your puppy telling you that he/she wants to go outside.
  • 🔔Adjustable Length: The training bell has a strong buckle that can hang from nearly any doorknobs or handles. You can easily adjust the length between 33'' and 35'' and make it suitable for your dog friends to ring the bell.
  • 🔔Friendly communication: Dog training bell is a simple and effective tool that can help you train your family's best friends. Teach them how to sign a signal when needed to a pot or go out! It turns out that the use of dog bells is a simple and interesting way, not barking.
  • 🔔TRAINING IS SO EASY:Many people have success on the very first day. STEP 1:Point to the bell and shout your commands, when your puppy touches the training bells, give her praise and a treat. Repeat this step several times. STEP 2:When your dog touch the bells, open the door, step outside with her and give her a treat. STEP 3: If you want take her to the potty/pee, use the same setup, Once the job is done,reward her with a treat and lots of praise.

Angry about the scratching broken door? Don't worry, use our dog training bell to train and communicate with your puppy, you'll never see this happen again.

Use our dog training kit to train stop barking, whatever your puppy want to do, instead of barking, it will knock the bells to remind you, say goodbye to noise.

This dog training bells can help training dog basic obedience and tricks, such as stop barking, cross obstacle, sit, fetch, shake, lie down, and roll etc.

Train the dog with our bells to help correct the bad behaviors, dog can form a better eating habbit and get a healthy body.

More melodious than traditional doorbells, say goodbye to noise.


STEP 1: Hang the doorbells on the door or hang them on a suitable hook next to the door. Adjust the length and make sure your dog can easily reach it.

STEP 2: Whenever you take your dog outside or to go clean the room/washing, allow the dog to move or otherwise interact the bells tell you. Exercise patience and help your puppy repeatedly when it does ring the bell, state a command associated with going outside. Provide positive verbal feedback and take your dog out.

STEP 3: Repeat the process for three weeks or shorter, always giving the same command and praise. Than you dog will be remember this way between with you.

Tips: Dogs and Cats are Very Smart. As long as we have patience, when they press the button we can give them rewards and praises, just repeated practice, and pet training bell can improve the feelings with the lovely pet.

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