2 Pack Dog Training Bells for Potty and Door Training - Essential Puppy Supplies

  • EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION: Using pet training bells is an easier, fun, and win-win way for dogs to communicate with you instead of barking.
  • LOUD ENOUGH: The metal dog bell for door potty training produces a clear, loud ringing sound that can be easily heard from another room even when the dog softly touches it.
  • WORKS PERFECTLY: Just place the pet training bells on any flat surface. It is easy for your puppy or kitten to hit or press the flat, big button with their paw or nose to produce a crisp sound.
  • PORTABLE: Pet training bells can be carried with your puppy. You can use them for playing games, potty training, and housetraining your pets.
  • EASY FOR PETS TO LEARN: With patience during training, most pets can learn to touch the dog training bells in about a week, and can fully learn to use them to go outside, eat, or for potty training the following week.

Product Description

About Alinana Brand

The importance of bell toys.

Don’t complain, they are not troublemakers.

  • Housebreaking and door scratching are two common problems pet owners face when they bring home a new pet.
  • A pet training bells can be placed on the floor, allowing your pet to signal when they need to go potty
  • This is a much more effective and efficient way to communicate with your pet than dealing with constant barking and scratching.

There are two types of firing pins (plastic and metal) and why do we choose plastic firing pins?

  • Dogs often hit the bells with their paws or hold them in their mouths. Our dog bell for door potty training are more durable due to their stronger internal structure.
  • Dogs have sensitive ears, and loud bells can be irritating to them, just like blasting music on a phone at maximum volume near your ears. Therefore, we opted for a plastic firing pin.
  • The sound produced by the plastic firing pin hitting the metal bell is audible enough for the owner to hear immediately but won't make the dog uncomfortable.
  • Hold your pet's front paw and guide it to press the pet training bells to teach them how to ring it.
  • After pressing the dog door bells for potty training, give your pet a small treat and praise them by gently patting their head.
  • Repeat this process multiple times for three days, rewarding your pet with a treat each time the bell rings.

Training Your Pooch to Use a Dog Doorbell

  1. The first step to training your pup to use dog doorbell is to hold it close to their nose and encourage them to touch it. When they do, praise them enthusiastically and offer a treat. Repeat this process until they are comfortable with touching the bell. You may need to use a treat to lure them towards the pet training bells initially.
  2. Continue to reinforce the behavior by repeating step one and adding a cue word, such as "bell." Once they are confident in touching the pet training bells, move it farther away so they have to move towards it. Encourage them to touch it using the cue word.
  3. Once they are comfortable with touching the pet training bells, place it near the door they will use to go outside. Encourage them to touch it using the cue word and offer praise and treats when they do.
  4. Teach your puppy that ringing the bell means they need to go outside to potty. Walk towards the door with your puppy, use the cue word, and open the door when they touch the bell. Praise them and take them outside immediately. Eventually, they will learn to ring the bell when they need to go outside.
  5. Make sure your puppy understands that the pet training bellsis only for potty time. If they ring it to play, clip on their leash and take them to their designated potty spot. If they eliminate, praise and reward them.
  6. Consistency and repetition are essential for training success. Everyone in the household should use the same method and short training sessions are better than one long one, as pups have a short attention span.
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