20Pcs Double-Sided Wooden Wedding Table Numbers

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  • Planning an impressive wedding? Wooden table numbers are for you! In addition to centerpieces, floral arrangements, venue settings and other table decorations, table numbers complement the rest of your table decor as an ornament or as a practical decorative element, reflecting your individual aesthetic.
  • The wooden table numbers are made from natural high-quality pine wood, which has excellent durability and reusability. Its chic wood color and natural minimalist style can be matched with a variety of tables. It is full of wood classicism and can be create a rustic forest atmosphere sure to impress your guests.
  • Handcrafted high quality wooden table numbers with removable stand bases to add the perfect finishing touch to your event or restaurant table! They are suitable for rustic, elegant, casual, modern and upscale events. Our design prevents them from tipping over if the table is hit or a gust of wind blows.
  • The digital table number features an elegant white font and is a great addition to your wedding reception decor. You will receive digital table cards with stand bases ranging from 1 to 20, enough for your daily use. Table numbers help guests find their seats quickly, especially by displaying the number on each side for quick identification.
  • Want to bring the beauty of the outdoors to the table? These earthy, relaxing and natural digital table numbers are ideal for country weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, woodland themed baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, restaurants, cafes, bars and other catering businesses great table decoration.

Product Description

Handmade high-quality wood table numbers with a built-in stand that adds the perfect finishing touch to your event! They are fitting for rustic, elegant, casual, modern, and upscale events. Table numbers help guests find their seats quickly, especially by displaying the number on each side. Our design prevents them from falling over when a table is bumped or a gust of wind blows through. They are sturdy and can be used for multiple events.


Planning a rustic wedding? Wooden table numbers are for you! Even non-rustic weddings get a bit of charm from the numbers lettered onto wooden blocks, so don’t rule them out if your wedding isn’t on a farm!


These beautiful custom designed table numbers will help your guests know where to sit and make a great first impression with these unique table number signs! Helping you achieve a more perfect and fun dinner party!


Planning ahead will ultimately make the party easier to hold. Making an accurate checklist and giving enough time to each task will minimize confusion and help you resolve inevitable glitches.


Think of your tablescape as more than just an outfit for serving food and drink. In fact, it's the scenery for the food you're making. These wooden table numbers help your customers find their place and your waiters serve faster!


Why you need table numbers?

Making sure everyone is sitting where they should be is one thing you don't want to worry about on your special day. If you already have a table plan in order, (or if not, we have a very handy table planner tool), you still need the wedding table number to avoid any confusion.

What you will get?

Practical doesn't necessarily mean they don't look pretty, this item is a set of 20 numbers that's an easy way to mark up at your reception. It includes 1 to 20 shaped numbers for seat assignment. With stand holder, it can be easily placed on the guest table. The design is chic and artistic. Suitable for banquets, catering, weddings, wedding receptions, anniversaries, parties, family events, etc.


  • Add a formal, professional look to any table.
  • Labels on both sides for quick identification.
  • Made of high-quality pine wood, it is sturdy and durable.
  • Beautifully designed with large numbers for better visibility.
  • Comes with a stand base to keep it upright for long-term use.

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