• FOOD GRADE MATERIALS - You get 12 cups of 1.5oz, and 12 cups of 2.5oz, a total of 24 reusable cups, made with high-quality food-safe Polished stainless steel, these condiment cups are made with strong constructions gives them a modernistic appeal, all-purpose cups are ideal for hot and cold sauces!
  • EASY TO WASH - a smooth surface with an extra-fine finish that resists leftovers make cleaning easy, seasonings and sauces come right off, Use these small ramekins to serve your delicious treats, appetizers, and samples, or any sauce-dipping or dining occasion!
  • STACKABLE - The dipping bowls are conveniently stackable for easy storage, The dip bowls feature a simplistic yet practical shape giving it a smooth elegant look, a great alternative to wasting disposable products!
  • STURDY & DURABLE MATERIAL - The stainless steel sauce containers resist corrosion and will not rust, crack, bend, or chip with proper care these ramiken set can last for a lifetime!
  • EXTRA FINE FINISH - This dipping sauce dish features a smooth stainless steel construction featuring a smoothly rounded rim at the top with no sharp spots, flaws, or burrs DIMENSIONS - The 2.5oz cups are 1.8inch height, 2.4inch wide; - The 1.5oz cups are 1inch hight 2.5 wide!
Bowl Material Stainless Steel
Number of Pieces 24
Brand Nechtik
Color Stainless Steel
Style Classic

(24 Pack, 2 Sizes) Small Sauce Cups, Stainless Steel Ramekin Dipping Sauce Cup, Commercial Grade Individual Round Condiment Cups (12 of - 1.5oz: 12 of - 2.5oz)


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