Lantern is a great choice if you are looking for a way to light up your wedding. They can fulfill a variety of functions. Hanging lanterns on the tree to create a beautiful backdrop, using them to create romantic centerpieces, or lining the aisle with them for a bride. No matter which way you go, these beautiful flowers are must-have decorations for lanterns.
Reference: The larger lantern in the picture is 4.75" square by 13.75" tall. And the small one is 4.75" square by 10.5" tall (Lanterns are not included in the package).


  • Package: Pre-Made floral garland x6.
  • Size: Each floral garland is approx. 23.5" long.
  • Material: Handmade with silk/foam flowers and silk rose leaf garland.
  • Easy to Decor: Ribbons are attached to the ends to simply tie them around your lantern or candle centerpiece. The snap-fit design of the end of the garland makes it convenient to combine several garlands to fits different table sizes.
  • Occasions: Lantern Decor, Centerpiece Decor, Mantle Decor, Fireplace Decor, etc.

2ft Flower Garlands in Rust & Sepia

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