Product Description

Create A New Venue Where Love Grows And Blooms

Wisteria, the symbol of immortal devotion and love, is given to people as a token of good luck in marriage.

  1. For Your Ceremony Ideas

    A sense of gorgeous and romance, to create the once-in-a-lifetime moment in your wedding.

  2. For Beatiful and Impressive Reception

    Create a vibrant and dense backdrop, generating a heart-warming view for friends and family.

  3. Pretty Decorations on Your Table

    Lovely wisteria vine is perfect for adding color to any arrangement, and definitely nothing better.

  4. For Enjoyment and Pleasure

    Decorate easily, enjoy the sense of ritual in life, and bloom beautifully like a flower every day!

  5. For Your Good Vibes

    Say goodbye to monotony, decorate warm and beautiful home.

1 Flower Backdrop 2 Wedding Reception Flowers 3 Wedding Table Centerpiece 4 Garden Decoration 5 Bedroom Decoration
Different looks with 2/4/12 packs

Look natural and dense? Adding more packs!

Get different packs to complement different settings, whether it is a small corner, or a big room. The more flowers, the more blessings and luck!

40 Branches Wisteria Hanging Flowers 6 Feet Artificial White Wisteria Vine Silk Wisteria Flowers Garland for Wedding Arch Party Garden Home Decor (4 Packs)

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