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Piping Bags


400-Pack-12-Inch Piping Bags


  1. Textured- doesn't slide in your hands
  2. Thickened design – no bursting
  3. Seamless- No leakage
  4. Durable and flexible

Our Piping Pastry bags Used for

pastry bags

Cookie decorating

Cake decoraring

Cupcake Deocarating

Decorated cupcakes are more delicious

Cooike Design

Disposable pastry bags allows you to use frosting to decorate your cookies

Small Cake Decorate

Let your little cake add different patterns to make people have great appetite

  • 400pcs 12 inch disposable piping bags, enough for your daily use (tips and couplers not included).
  • Disposable Pastry bags are made of sturdy, safe plastic that is explosion-proof and thick enough to withstand the pressure of your squeezing icing without bursting or leaking easily.
  • NON-SLIP: Our icing piping bags have a textured surface that provides better grip and a better feel for use, making it easy to squeeze cream frosting out of the bag.
  • Usage: Cake decorating bags are ideal for squeezing frosting, chocolate, and buttercream frosting to decorate cakes, macarons, cookies, cupcakes and pastries, adding fine details to your desserts
  • Warm tips: If you accidentally receive a damaged or defective bag, or if you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we'll be happy to return it or refund you.
Brand LoveBB
Material Plastic
Color Clear
Number of Pieces 400

400 Pcs Disposable Piping Bags 12inch Anti-Burst Pastry Bags, Tipless Icing Piping Bag for Cake, Cream Frosting and Cookie Decoration Supplies


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