• 🌸【Dimension and Package】 - One package includes a garland with 7 pink austin roses, 14 rose buds and 336 cherry blossoms. Length of the whole flower vine: 185cm/6.07ft, size of rose: 8cm/3.14in, size of rose bud: 4cm/1.57in, size of cherry blossom: 4cm/1.57in, size of two kinds of leaves: 4-6cm/1.57-2.36in.
  • 🌸【Elegant Blooming Flowers】 - The austin roses are full and the petals are not all pink. I prefer to call them pink-white or blush. It is surrounded by cherry blossoms and rose buds, like an elegant princess. The cherry blossoms on the vines are clustered together, as if they were blooming in spring.
  • 🌸【Natural Looking】 - Our designer added leaves to the flower vines to enrich the colors. The whole flower vine looks natural and beautiful, and it is very layered and three-dimensional. We use better quality rattan, which will not break easily. And because the flowers on the vines are very full and dense, the green vine is not obvious.
  • 🌸【Surprisingly Dense】 - Before designing this flower vine, we saw that most of the cherry blossom vines are very sparse, requiring 2-4pcs entangled to be slightly dense. We thought, why not just make a nice and dense cherry blossom vine? Ding Ding Ding, so we made this rose & cherry blossom vine! Believe us, You will not be disappointed when you see it.
  • 🌸【Wonderful Decorations】 - Cherry blossom vine is an indispensable decoration in weddings, parties and celebrations. It is very suitable for decorating arches, dining tables, background walls, etc. And cherry blossom vine is also very suitable for home decoration. You can hang it on walls, doors, swings, mirrors, fireplaces and anywhere as you like. It will brighten any arrangement!
  • 💌【Note】 - The outer petals of cherry blossoms and rose buds are white, and the center petals are pink. The petals in the center of the rose are light pink. Due to the difference of computer/mobile phone monitors, the displayed colors may be different.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Color: pink flower & green leaves
Size: length of the whole flower vine is about 185cm/6.07ft (1pc with with 7 pink rose, 14 rose buds and 336 cherry blossoms)
Material: silk, plastic
Package: 1pc
Uses: office, garden, stores, bedroom, dining room, coffee table, windowsill, balcony, wedding, party, birthday gift, baby shower, Mother's day, Christmas day, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving day and so on
1. Please allow 1-3mm differences due to manual measurement.
2. Due to the light and computer monitor difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
3. During transportation, the product may be squeezed. If the flower is deformed, it can be steamed with water or placed in the sun or placed by hand.
How to maintenance?
1. There would be accumulated dust if you put it in a place for very long time, You can use the hair dryer with cold wind to remove the dust.
2. If it was seriously dirty, you could sink it into salt water with high concentration for 10 minutes and then add neutral detergent and then rinse twice.
3. Don't wash it by hands. We suggest that you don't need to wash it by hands and don't wash too frequently. It will fade if you wash it too frequently.
4. Please don't put it under strong sunshine. You'd better to dry it by the natural wind.
Will the product fade?
It will not easily be faded, but you need notice these tips:
1. Please don't put artificial plants exposure under the sun for a long time, or they will lose their bright colors and became increasingly bleak.
2. Please do not spend long time putting artificial plants in the water, especially hot water, or flowers will fade.
3. If there is sticky dust, we suggest customer to use soft brush dips in water swept gently petals and leaves.

6.07FT Rose & Cherry Blossom Garland, Silk Artificial Flower, Flower Hanging Vines for Wedding Arch Party Table Home Garden Outdoor Kawaii Decor

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