These tropical brid of paradise floral arrangements add a rustic and vintage touch to your wedding aisle chairs. It's so natural to share happiness with your friends and guests at a wedding or any other ceremony.

User Guide: Click to view a short video about how to use pre-made aisle decoration pew flowers.


  • Material: Beautiful and real-looking blush-heirloom foam high-centered rose, orange PU brid of paradise and orange silk boat orchid dotted with white hydrangea, and PU topical greeneries. the stem part is wrapped and fixed with white ribbon, and finished durably with white ribbons.
  • Details: The pew flower approx. 4" W x 6" L, the stem length 7.5".
  • Great Value: Set of 8 pre-made wedding aisle decoration flower pieces.
  • Convenient: The pew flowers are already attached with a long ribbon, so they can be tied around any size or type of chair needed easily and conveniently.
  • Never Wilt: You can order these items months in advance since these aisle decors are all artificial flowers and greeneries.

Aisle & Chair Decor in Tropical Citrus & Pink

Ling's Moment

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