970X600-345PCS CAKE-1

220x220-turntable purple


220X220-7 Korean Skirt Tip

220x220-8pen purple

1* Cake Turntable,

2* Cake Spatulas,

3* Comb Scrapers,

1* Cake Smoother.

Non-skid silicone ring is present at the bottom of turntable which provides an excellent stability on countertops, preventing cake rotating turntable sliding from workspace.

48* Numbered Icing Tips,

1* Pattern Chart.

All tips made of food grade stainless steel.With pattern chart it is very easy to find and use for you or kids.Icing Tips have Closed Star, Open Star, French, Rose, Round, Plain, Leaf, Petal.Each of the tips creates a different design for all types of creations.

7* Numbered Korean Skirt Tips,

1* Pattern Chart.

Create beautiful icing swirls,rosettes,flowers, bobbi skirt and other designs by these 7 decorating tips and your imagination.

8* Fondant Carved Pens.

Easy to use and clean, useful for depicting a variety of patterns, also a great way to remove fingerprint on surface impurities; You can use the scriber needle to stir the syrup, draw the outline of cake shape, let cake finer and more delicate.

220x220-tie use


220X220-cup cake-1

220X220-CAKE -11

Easy to Use Bag Ties.

Easy to Use Cake Spatulas.

Easy to Decorate Cupcake.

Easy to Decorate Cake.

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Cake Pans 3 0 0 0
Cake Turntable Plastic Plastic Aluminium Alloy Plastic
Numbered Icing Tips 48 48 24 24
Russian+Ball+Leaf Tips 10 10 0 0
Pattern Chart 1 1 1 1
Icing Bags 102 102 50 50
  • 【Cake Decorating Kit Supplies】Set of 345 included 1 Cake Turntable,1 Cake Leveler,55 Numbered Icing Piping Tips(small),1 Pattern Chart,2 Cake Spatulas,3 Comb Scrapers,2 Tip Couplers,1 Cake Smoother,1 Cake Pen,1 Flower Lifter,2 Flower Nail, 2 Cleaning Brush,8 Bag Ties,5 Measuring Spoons,8 Fondant Carved Pens,102 Pastry Bags,100 Paper Cupcake Liners,50 Cake Flags.
  • 【Revolving Cake Turntable】: Rotating turntables stand are essential tools for all cake decorators; With this turntable you can easily access all sides of the cake when frosting; The turntable revolves clockwise and anti-clockwise: perfect for right and left handed users; Use the spatulas or the scraper while rotating the turntable for smooth edges or perfect patterns; You can even use the turntable as a plate to serve your cakes.
  • 【55 Numbered Icing Tips with Pattern Chart】: Each decoration piping tip has a number.On the Pattern Chart you can see the result of the various piping tips.This tool makes it very easy to select the perfect nozzle for your cake decorations.Icing pattern with Closed Star, Open Star, French, Rose, Round, Plain, Leaf, Petal.Each of the tips creates a different design for all types of great creations.
  • 【Useful Accessories】:Cake levels cut into even layers for creating professional-looking layer cakes. Straight spatula for icing round cakes from Sides,angled spatula from Top while rotating turntable.Use 3 scrapers set to smooth icing on sides & top and carve designs.Decorating pen helps you writing, decorating same as you doing with normal pen. Use flower nail with petal tip to produce roses. Use flower scissor to shift flower from nail to cake.
  • 【The Perfect Kit & Gift】:the cake decorating kits are made of high quality material like stainless steel, silicone and plastic; they are made from food grade material.As cake decorating supplies for kids or friends, or a gift for yourself, you’ll all fall in love with this Decorating Set.The sets are ideal for both beginners and professionals users.
Color Purple
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Shape cake turntable decorating
Tray Type round

ANSLYQA 345 Pcs Cake Decorating Kit with Cake Turntable & Leveler,55 Numbered Icing Piping Tips,2 Spatulas,3 Comb Scrapers,2 Tip Couplers,102 Pastry Bags,100 Paper Cupcake Liners


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