Bartesian Cocktail Capsule Storage Drawer Organizer - Holds Up to 36 Capsules

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  • NEATLY ORGANIZE COCKTAIL CAPSULES: This sleek storage drawer is a stylish home for your Bartesian cocktail capsules. This cocktail capsule holder not only keeps your favorite cocktails organized but also adds a touch of sophistication to your countertop. Experience the blend of functionality and style, bringing a flair of elegance to your cocktail hour.
  • PLACE THE MACHINE ON TOP TO SAVE SPACE: Our innovative storage drawer does more than just organize your cocktail capsules – it also serves as the ideal platform for your Bartesian cocktail machine. This ingenious design brings harmony to your kitchen, consolidating your cocktail setup into one compact, eye-catching unit.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM FOR YOUR FAVORITE COCKTAILS: Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and scattered Bartesian capsules. Our drawer can comfortably cradle up to 36 individual capsules, keeping your favorite cocktail flavors organized and within arm's reach. That's 36 opportunities for a perfect pour, all in one tidy space.
  • ENGINEERED WITH DURABLE TEMPERED GLASS: This storage drawer isn't just practical—it's a statement piece. Designed with a tempered glass top, it exudes an air of modern sophistication while offering you a clear view of your cocktail capsule collection. This blend of durability and style makes the drawer a stunning addition to any home bar or kitchen decor.
  • RELIABLE PACKAGING FOR A SMOOTH JOURNEY: Rest assured, your new cocktail capsule storage drawer will arrive safely, thanks to our rigorous packaging process. We ensure every inch, including the foot pads, is securely wrapped for its journey to your doorstep. As you eagerly unwrap it, take a moment of caution around the foot pads.

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