These boutonnieres will never wilt so you could order these ahead of time.

A boutonniere is the epitome of elegance in menswear or more simply spoken: the icing on the cake. Perfect for the groom, best man, groomsmen, suitable for fall greenery wedding, vintage French country style wedding, prom boutonniere, ceremony, anniversary, event, party, or a wedding gift.

User Guide: Click to view a short video about How to Wear Pre-made Boutonniere.


  • Package: A set of 6 boutonnieres. 1 marsala color and 5 dusty rose colors. The exquisite and vintage marsala boutonniere may stand out to the groom.
  • Size: Each is approx. 2.7" W x 4.7" H. Diameter of the rosebud is 1.7".
  • Material: The boutonnieres are made of beautiful and real-looking marsala and dusty roses, dotted with gold leaves, little pearls, and greenery.

      Boutonnieres in Romantic Marsala

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