Perfect for the fall wedding ceremony, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner as bridesmaid bouquets, toss bouquets,s or wedding prom props.


7" Bridesmaid Posy (Set of 6)

  • Package: 7" Bridesmaid Posy x6, dark teal, and burnt orange ribbon card x2.
  • Size: The bridesmaid bouquet is approx. 7" W x 13" H. Each bouquet comes with 2 ribbons.
  • Material: Made of high-quality silk/foam flowers and silk greenery.
    • Silk flowers include burnt orange Cymbidium, Culantro, etc.
    • Foam flowers include teal rose, amber rose, brunt orange rose, Emeralds Hybrid Tea Rose, etc.
    • Accessories include rice Flat Sedge, Eucalyptus leaves, Banyan leaves, Bidens pilosa, and some others.
  • Note:
    • There may be a little deformity during handling, storing, and transportation. Please adjust the flowers to recover their shapes after receiving them.
    • Kindly note that long-term exposure to sunlight, heat, humidity, rain, and other weather conditions might change the flowers’ color and shape.

Bridesmaid Posy in Dark Teal & Burnt Orange

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