Buydeem S7123 Hot Water Boiler Warmer - 26L Capacity for Formula Tea

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  • 【FEATURE】Mini water dispenser heater, only can heat one cup (big cup is about 150~200ml, and small cup is about 80~ 100ml) each time about 1-3minutes, can be used on the desk, bedroom, study room or office.
  • 【ADVANCE】Auto cleaning, night light, the product inside can be cleaned and descaled automatically. The night light design can make you find it easily at night, saving you and mommy’s time to turn on the light.
  • 【LARGE WATER TANK】Have 2.6L large water tank to stores cold water. When you want to drink hot water, you don't need to go to the kitchen or pantry every time. The capacity can meet the daily water intake needs of the human body.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE】6 Temperature options for your choice. The water boiler features an adjustable water temperature as well as dispensing amounts. Temperature can be adjusted from 104 to 194° Fahrenheit. Has an electric plug-in design and safe for placement on any table or countertop,104 degrees Fahrenheit can be used to make milk powder.
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Product Description

Boil 1 cup of water once, (big cup is about 150~200ml, and small cup is about 80~ 100ml) 1-3minutes,no repeating burning keeps water fresh.

Cater to Healthier Lifestyles

Buydeem's journey started in 2003 by a team who want to have a healthy diet in a convenient way. Right from the very beginning, the enthusiasm in designing, testing and optimizing enables us to launch our user-designed productions. With more than 20 years in the industry, Buydeem has been synonymous with superb quality, authentic materials, and a passion for detail.

Buydeem S7123 Hot Water Boiler and Warmer, White


If you are, you breath. If you breath, you think. If you think, you drink. If you drink, you explore. If you explore, you wish. If you wish, you find, and if you find, there is BUYDEEM

If it is BUYDEEM, everthing is alive……

For traditional Always-on boiler and warmer, you always reheat boiling the same water to keep it warm, taste no good and waste electricity.

Buydeem S7123 hot water boiler quickly heats a cup of water based on the volume you select and heat to the selected temperatures.


Find BUYDEEM when feeding your baby

When the baby is crying,Milk is at hand.

Most accurate/suitable temperature 40℃ for baby milk

Find BUYDEEM when dealing with complicated things

When work is tricky, A cup of coffee is at hand.

Most accurate/suitable temperature 90℃ for coffee

Find BUYDEEM when enjoying your life

When there are setbacks in life, A cup of tea is at hand.

Most accurate/suitable temperature 70℃ for green tea

Find BUYDEEM when you are thinking

When you are pondering, A cup of water is right in your hand.

Most accurate/suitable


Soft night light

Easy to get water at night without turning on the glaring light, especially for the needs at night for baby.

Removable water tank

Convenient for filling water and getting it clean.

Food-grade material

FDA approved, waterproof control panel, acrylonitrile -styrene copolymer SAN plastics water tank, 304 SUS internal heating system.

Child-resistant safety

Child lock default on for safety

The dispenser will auto-lock if rest 2 minutes to protect users which can be canceled anytime.

Magnetic drain tray

Removable drain tray

Easy to clean

Fit different cups/ bottles heights

Auto cleaning and descaling inside

Several simple steps to operate the auto-clean function

No need to disassemble parts nor damp your hands

The whole process needs only 7 minutes.



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