make a cake with family,friends and loved ones

This cake decorating kit is designed for baking enthusiasts, all decorating supplies are up to standard and safe for your home cake making, our cake decorating kit is complete to meet your baking needs, you can make a beautiful cake for your family, friends and loved ones, or as a gift for them!

Installation of icing tip

Steps to use the laminating bag

Decorated roses

Cake smoothed

Cut the head of the Piping Bag, put the coupler into the bag, put the icing tip on, rotate the installation to fix the coupler, then you can pour the icing into the bag and use it.

Put the icing into the Piping Bag, then wrap the Piping Bag with a blue tie, use the right force to squeeze out the icing, then change the position of the blue tie according to the capacity of the icing, so as to ensure that the icing can be squeezed out smoothly.

To use the cake scissors and piping nail, you can freely create various roses on them and decorate them onto the cake.

Three scraper blades can be used to create wavy decorations, cut dough, and spread butter on a cake. Together with a cake smoother, they can make the cake look more complete and appealing.

icing tip


Small cake

Squeeze the icing

The cake decorating kit includes 48 numbered tips, 6 Russian tips, 3 rose tips, and 2 leaf tips. The 48 numbered tips come with a pattern chart for your reference, and you can decorate your cake according to your preferences.

Rose tips can help you create roses in various colors for your family and loved ones.

There are 10 muffin cup molds, 100 colorful cupcakes, 20 white cupcakes, 20 coffee-colored cupcakes, 20 egg tart molds in the decoration set, you can make all kinds of small cakes, cookies, tarts, etc

Piping bags can add color to your cake in the final stages of preparation. They are easy and convenient to use, and play a crucial role in the cake-making process.

Birthday party
Number of Pieces 527
Opening Shape Flower

Cake Decorating Kit, 527 PCS Cake Decorating Supplies, Cake Baking Tools with 3 Springform Cake Pans, Cake Turntable, Chocolate Mold, 48 Piping Icing Tips, 6 Russian Nozzles, 3 Rose Piping Icing Tips


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