You will get:

  • 1 Cake Turntable;
  • 2 Icing Spatulas ;
  • 3 Cake Combs;
  • 1 Cake Leveler;
  • 12 Small Cake Nozzles;
  • 3 Big Cake Nozzles;
  • 1 Extra-big Cake Nozzle;
  • 2 Tips Couplers;
  • 30 Disposable Piping Bags;
  • 2 Silicone Piping Bags;
  • 3 Bags Clips;
  • 1 Cleaning Brush;
  • 1 Cake Board;
  • 7 Cake Toppers;
  • 2 Letter Molds;
  • Pattern Chart;

  • 67 PCS CAKE DECORATING TOOLS: 1 cake turntable, 12 icing tips, 3 big cake decorating tips, 1 extra-big cake frosting nozzle, 30 disposable piping bags, 1 reusable piping bag, 2 couplers, 1 cleaning brush, 2 icing spatulas, 1 cake leveler, 3 cake icing smoother tools, 1 cake board, 2 Birthday/Numbers/Symbols silicone molds, 7 birthday cake toppers
  • 16 PCS CAKE DECORATING TIPS: 12 standard size stainless steel tips for cake, cupcake, cookie, and other desserts decorating. 3 large piping tip for more convenient use, includes open start, close star, and round cake nozzles. 1 large piping tip Ideally for fast coating your entire cake with icing. Comes with a printed decorating guide with nozzles pattern chart - helps to choose nozzles style easy
  • 11" CAKE TURNTABLE: 360 degrees smooth rotating cake turntable, provides easy rotating. Includes a non-slip blue silicone ring on a base - helps the turntable to stand securely during the cake decorating process, prevent sliding on the table
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE SUPPLIES: REUSABLE GOLD COLORED CAKE BOARD comes in 10" diameter, fits most average sized cakes, and making them look festive. 7 PCS BIRTHDAY CAKE TOPPERS - awesome decorations for birthday cakes. 2 pcs LETTER MOLDS - A to Z letters + Numbers & Happy Birthday Fondant and Chocolate Molds
  • CAKE ICING SMOOTHER TOOLS: stainless steel angled and strait ICING SPATULAS - ideally for making layered cakes and spreading icing on cakes. 3 CAKE COMBS - great for creating perfect designs or smooth surfaces on the side or top of the cakes. CAKE LEVELER with stainless steel cutting wire - slice cake layers easily
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Pieces 67, 2, 16, 7
Opening Shape Round

Cake Decorating Tools 67 pcs Cute Cake Decorating Kit with Cake Turntable Cake Decorating Supplies Baking Supplies and Baking Tools


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