CAPMESSO Disposable Coffee Paper Filters - 300 Count Natural

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  • 🌴KEURG FILTER: ECO SAFE MATERIAL: Our paper coffee filters are 100% biodegradable to help reduce environmental impact and water waste. No chemical residue, no harm to body.
  • 🌴KEURG COFFEE FILTERS: EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE: Made of thinner(disposable coffee keuig filter), textured, recyclable paper that holds its shape, keep better flow through but won't tear easily. Now you can enjoy your everyday's coffee without feeling guilty about environment.
  • 🌴DISPOSABLE KEUIG FILTER: EASY TO USE AND CLEANUP: Efficient and Time-saving morning: Simply insert filter in reusable keuig cups, tuck keurg filter under hinge, fill with coffee and brew! All you have to do is simply flip the keurg cups and discard the paper filter when finished. Make multiple cups in a row without needing to wash your reusable cup between uses. Time saving and enjoy more cups of coffee at the hurried morning.
  • 🌴BETTER COFFEE VIA FILTRATION: Moderate thickness-- premium disposable coffee filters trap all the grounds and most of the coffee's natural oils, delivering a smoother, less-bitter flavor. Say goodbye to sediment.
  • 🌴BEST COMPATIBILITY: Natural filter is work with most Keurg reusable pods developed for single serve keurg coffee maker. (Not compatible with the K-Carafe). Our filters measure 1' 1/4" inches in height. *Reusable coffee pods Not included!
  • U.S. Patent No. 10,865,039

Product Description

Why we need Coffee Filters

The coffee filter can effectively improve the quality of coffee and increase the soaking time of coffee. If only use the original cups, there is not enough resistance to brew nice coffee. Basically, it is a quick extraction to flow coffee out once the water run into, and there is not enough time to extract the essence of the coffee, so that the coffee grind will not be evenly extracted-- the coffee in the middle is extracted excessively. However,the edge of the coffee grind is extracted insufficiently.

Using coffee paper filter , it will make hot water and coffee grind soaked and extracted fully and evenly at first, and then streaming down the coffee...

The original mesh of keurg cup coffee capsule is not tiny enough. So the coffee are still flowing into cups, affecting the taste of coffee. The use of filter paper will fundamentally change this drawback, so that we can get a purer coffee.

Product details:

Material: 100% nature disposable coffee filter.


Color: Natural

Capacity: Can fit up to 11g of coffee, but result can be different in depends on coffee type and grind

Our Single Serve Paper Coffee Filters that work with Reusable Filters for Keurg cup 1.0 and 2.0 compatible brewers that encourages consumers to use their own favorite coffee, help the environment while saving money without sacrificing quality.

In order to give you the best cup of the coffee with the coffee filter, we tested so many times to control the thickness of the flter.

Too thick will block extraction and effect the taste of coffee.Too thin will tear easily to effect the filtration and mess up your cups.

It is good to see that coffee filter play the best role to brew a nice cup of coffee.

1) holds its shape and could not tear easily when brewing.

2) aids in a better extraction and richer filtration, brew Rich and Smooth coffee.

3) no more Sludge and Sediment at the Bottom of the Cup!

4) makes clean up a breeze by keeping sediments out of the k-cup,just toss it.

5) fully degradable and gentle on the planet.

6) sealed in a nice box protected from air exposure, making them easy to store and change-out regularly.

Package Included:

300 count natural disposable coffee filters

CAPMESSO is determined to provide safer, more efficient product and professional customer services for you. Never stop improving.Your enjoyment and satisfaction is our key goal!

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