Kloveo Champagne Stopper - Professional Grade for Sparkling Wine

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  • #1 In France And Italy → With an incredible 88psi capacity, unique self-tightening seal and authentic Italian manufacturing, it’s easy to see why top Champagne Bars across the world consider WAF Champagne Stoppers the only Professional Champagne Stopper worth using. While pressure pump bottle stoppers oxidize the taste of your bubbly, the WAF stopper keeps CO2 in the liquid. Fizzy, right to the last drop!
  • How Does It Work!? → KLOVEO’s sparkling wine stopper is smarter than your average stopper. The seal uses a simple but brilliant physics principle (Pascal's Law). As pressure builds inside the bottle, the plastic nipple expands outward, creating a ‘bubble-tight’ seal. Lay your bottle flat, or stand it upright and the seal works the same. BPA and Phthalate Free.
  • Fits All Standard Bottle Necks → The shape of the bottle can be anything - if the neck is a standard 750ml Champagne or Sparkling Wine bottle neck (and we all know what that looks like), then this Champagne preserver will fit. It can be used for Prosecco, Cava, some Magnum and 187ml bottles, and many large format beer or cider bottles. And if you discover it doesn’t fit your favorite, it’s ok, you’re covered with our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Easy To Use → Unlike the outdated style of Champagne bottle stoppers (the exploding spring-loaded type), our WAF Champagne Saver is easy and fast. Simply press the cap down (the seal does the rest of the work for you), then lock with the stainless steel safety clip. It’s easy to release, even with arthritic hands! And, the key to max fizz is to seal your bottle right away, and keep it ice cold.
  • Made In Italy → Similar Champagne corks say they’re Italian, but check the package and it’s China! The WAF Champagne bottle stopper is patented by Italian inventor Walter Fortunato (WAF) and manufactured in Italy. It’s the only stopper with a self-tightening seal, and easy release clip. And while some people tell us it provides the perfect fizz for up to two weeks, we say 3-5 days max. Try it now, and decide yourself!

Product Description

Easy to Use Safety Clip

You will be shocked at how easy the Kloveo WAF Champagne Stopper is to use. Check out the 3 easy steps below - with bonus tips for keeping your Champagne fizzy right to the last drop!

Unique WAF Seal System

Our stopper does all the work for you. The seal uses a simple but brilliant physics principal (Pascal's Law). As pressure builds inside the bottle, the seal gets even tighter! Up to 88 psi (6 ATM). No other stopper comes close!

Leak-proof Design

Need to lay the bottle on its side in your fridge? No problem! You no longer have to worry about your Champagne leaking, or worse: exploding all over the inside of your fridge.

Stainless Steel Body, Hinge, and Clip

When it comes to repeated use, durability is key. Stainless steel body and hinge construction make this the most durable sparkling wine stopper on the market. Hands down.


WAF Seal


Stainless Steel


Rotate the stainless steel safety clip away from the stopper. (TIP: for max fizz, get the stopper on the bottle right after you finish pouring!)


Insert the specially designed plastic seal into the sparkling wine bottle. (TIP: The seal does all the work for you, unlike the outdated standard style stoppers that are a pain to use and not near as effective!)


Secure the safety clip around the neck of the bottle. Easy! (TIP: get that bottle on ice or in the fridge ASAP - this also helps keep those bubbles where they belong!)

Enjoy your favorite bubbly whenever you like.

We'll make sure what's left in the bottle is kept fresh and fizzy!

Pack Size Set of 6 Single 2-Pack Single 2-Pack
Color Clear Chrome Chrome Gold Gold
Material SAN Plastic Chrome-plated Stainless Steel Chrome-plated Stainless Steel Alloy-plated Stainless Steel Alloy-plated Stainless Steel
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Italian Manufacturing
BPA & Phthalate Free
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