Chemex Natural Coffee Filters - Square 100ct

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Experience the ultimate in coffee brewing with Chemex Natural Coffee Filters. These square 100ct filters are designed specifically for use with the Chemex coffeemaker, ensuring a perfect cup of coffee every time. Here's how to use them: Step 1: Fold the Chemex filter in half, then fold in half again to create a funnel shape with the two corners meeting. Use your finger to hold open the filter, creating a perfect funnel. Step 2: Place the funnel on top of the Chemex coffeemaker with the three layers on the groove side. The groove not only acts as an air vent, but also serves as a pouring spout. Step 3: Add your preferred amount of coffee to the filter paper cone. We recommend one heaping tablespoon per cup, but feel free to adjust to your personal taste after your first brew. Refer to our brewing instructions for the remaining steps. Thicker and stronger than other filters on the market, Chemex Natural Coffee Filters boast a specialty fiber design that keeps bitter elements, oils, and grounds in their place so you can enjoy a clean and pure cup of coffee every time. These filters fit all Chemex coffeemakers, except for the CM-1, CM-1C, and CM-1GH models. With a rich history spanning over 80 years, the Chemex coffeemaker has become an icon of American design. Crafted with care and precision at our Massachusetts factory, each coffeemaker and filter is hand-inspected, polished, and tied by our passionate team. Our bonded filters, made from high-quality laboratory paper, effectively remove unwanted elements from your coffee for a truly pure taste. Trust the original and choose Chemex for the ultimate coffee brewing experience.
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