Chunhee Dog Potty Training Bell - Adjustable Self-Powered

  • No More Scratching, Whining, or Barking: Smart Bell provides your pet with a simple way to communicate their potty needs. Say goodbye to the annoyance of scratching, whining, or barking to grab your attention. This not only protects your door trim and your peace of mind but also leaves your friends impressed!
  • New Feature - Adjustable Ring Duration: Our self-powered pet doorbell allows you to adjust the ring duration, volume level, and choose from various ring tones. This enables you to personalize the settings to meet the needs of your pet and your household, ensuring optimal pet training effectiveness.
  • Easy Setup in Seconds: Installing our pet doorbell is a breeze, requiring no special skills or tools. It's done in seconds! Its wireless design lets you place it anywhere in your home, and the self-powering technology ensures your pet always has an easy way to communicate without worrying about battery depletion.
  • IndIndoor and Outdoor Use: Our self-powered pet doorbell is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Its waterproof design means you can use it not only when your little buddy needs to go outside but also when they want to come back in. Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, it's dedicated to making your pet training easier and more efficient.
  • Exceptional Support: We care about your satisfaction and provide a 30-day no-questions-asked return and exchange policy, along with a one-year free warranty. Whenever you need assistance, our customer support team is ready to help, ensuring your shopping experience is hassle-free.

Product Description

Self-Powered Pet Potty Training Bell

ChunHee Dog Door Bell Potty Training

No batteries, Easy to use, reliable & durable. Versatile settings for diverse needs

focus on your tasks while ensuring your dog receives attention and care.

Durable and Reliable for Your Peace of Mind

Tailored Dog Triggers

ChunHee specializes in dog-designed triggers. Activate with 0.75 pounds, suitable for most dogs, making communication effortless.

Weatherproof Pet Doorbell

Reliable and durable. Self-powered receiver, no more battery hassle. IPX4 waterproof and heat-resistant, ensures all-weather use. Easy installation

Flexible Sound Control

3 Ring Duration Options, 5-Level Volume Control. LED Flash Alerts ensure sound-free awareness, enabling adaptation to various environments

Pushing Limits

Each day, fueled by innovation and eco-consciousness, we rigorously test and improve. Our self-powered pet doorbell, enduring 200,000 clicks,

Fulfilling Our Duty to a Cleaner Planet

Did you know? A single button cell battery has the potential to pollute 600,000 liters of water. Additionally, just one No.1 battery could render an entire square unit of land unusable."

Say hello to hassle-free convenience!

Our battery-free pet doorbell saves you time, money, and energy. With a lifespan of 200,000 clicks, it lasts 10 years even with 58 clicks daily, saving you an additional $480 on battery expenses.

Pet-Friendly Design

Your pet can send you signals with just a 0.75-pound touch,allowing you to confidently focus on your tasks while ​ensuring your dog always receives attention and care

ChunHee dog door berll

Keeping Your Home Clean and Comfortable

ChunHee Aid your furry companion in effortlessly expressing their bathroom needs. Simplify communication, achieve a cleaner home. Say goodbye to those troublesome moments

Cherish Your Pets

Changing dogs' lives, journey ongoing.

  • ChunHee is continuously researching and developing increasingly convenient and efficient products, aimed at facilitating communication between pets and owners. Through effective potty training, we strive to reduce depression, alleviate anxiety, and ensure their well-being.

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Self-Powered Self-Powered Battery powered Battery powered Battery powered Battery powered Battery powered
Volume Level
5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB)
Adjustable Ringtone Duration
Three options available Three options available Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available
The scope of work.
500FT 500FT 500FT 500FT 1000TF 1000TF 500FT
Ring memory function
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