Regular Mouth Mason Jar Coffee Grinder Lid

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  • This manual crank adjustable burr grinder is perfect for anyone who loves coffee and / or Mason jars! Jar not included.
  • Grind your coffee straight into the *Regular Mouth* (2 3/8" internal diameter) jar you plan to store it in! Scroll down for grind adjustment instructions.
  • Great for camping, power outages, or your off-the-grid cabin in the woods. A perfect gift for the coffee geek in your life.
  • The cup, lid, and handle are made of stainless steel. The grinding mechanism is ceramic. Clean by grinding uncooked white rice.
  • 💕 COLORADO BASED COMPANY WITH TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE: Buy with confidence from this family run, Colorado based business which offers exceptional customer service from our U.S. based Mason jar experts! We strive to delight you!

Product Description

Hey there, Mason jar fans!

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We're Maggie & Ryan, the owners and Chief Mason Jar Geeks at Mason Jar Lifestyle (MJL). We’re here to help eco-fabulous people (like you!) find the most innovative, charming, and useful Mason jar accessories anywhere.

We're a Colorado-based, family run, small business and we strive to delight you with unparalleled customer relations from our U.S. based Mason jar experts.

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Some A-Mason Features of Our Coffee Grinder Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars by Mason Jar Lifestyle!

Brew A Perfect Cup Wherever You Are!

The Details:

Mason Jar Lifestyle's stainless steel and ceramic burr grinder for Mason jars are designed with style, durability, and longevity in mind!

  • This grinder fits on *REGULAR* mouth bands which measure 2 3/8" internal diameter. It's compatible with Ball, Kerr, and most other threaded, canning jars.
  • Our manual crank has an adjustable burr grinder that is perfect for anyone who loves coffee or adding freshly ground spices to their dishes.
  • Burr grinders use two blades that come together to produce a perfectly uniform grind size.

What We're Made Of:

We use high quality, 18/8 304 grade stainless steel and ceramic burr to ensure your grinder won't rust and degrade with normal use.

  • Ceramic burr grinders are widely viewed as being the best choice because:
    • The material stays sharp almost indefinitely outlasting stainless steel
    • Ceramics create a more "traditional", full bodied coffee flavor than steel
    • Ceramics don't conduct heat like steel and won't negatively impact the oils in your beans
Stylish & Versatile!

Whether you have a cute coffee bar in your home, want to be prepared for power outages, or love a good cup of joe while camping - our coffee grinder is your new best friend!

  • Keep it out as a stylish accessory to your kitchen counter or easily store it in a drawer as it's compact in size.
  • Not just great for coffee beans - use this grinder for hard spices like peppercorns too!
Adjust the Grind!

Whether it's a fine grind for espresso or a coarser grind for cold brew, this adjustable grinder has you covered!

  • To adjust the grind size:
    • Remove the gold nut, the handle, and the round piece under the handle.
    • Now screw the gear shaped piece up and down the threaded rod. You will see the 2 pieces of the grinder moving closer or farther apart.
    • Grinder comes on fine setting in the box,

Quick Notes:

  • Fits *REGULAR* mouth Mason jars which have a 2 3/8" internal diameter
  • Constructed with high quality stainless steel and a ceramic burr grinder
  • Our grinder is rust proof with normal use, long lasting, and durable
  • Upgrade your coffee experience with fresh beans consistently ground every day
  • Use your grinder to freshly grind hard spices to elevate your cooking
  • Sturdy, high quality, green product that's reusable and long lasting
  • Perfect gift for the coffee nerd, camper, off grid-er, or anyone who loves to do things manually
  • Mason Jar Lifestyle is a small, family run, Colorado-based business here to help you!

The Quality Is in the Details!

One Grinder - So Many Ways to Use It!

Mason Jar Lifestyle's stainless steel coffee and spice grinder with ceramic burr can be used:

  • To get consistent (and adjustable) grind on all your favorite whole coffee beans
  • To add freshly, ground flavor from whole, dry spices
  • To have a delicious coffee while camping, off grid, or without power
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