51mm Espresso Tamper Set with Stainless Steel Base and Spring Loaded Flat Design

$51.02 $61.22
Enhance your espresso experience with our 51mm Espresso Tamper Set, featuring a stainless steel base and spring loaded flat design. This tamper is perfectly matched with various models, including ECP3120, ECP3531, ECP3220W, and more. Before purchasing, be sure to check your portafilter size.Designed with a circular baffle, our tamper ensures a perfectly vertical tamp every time. This feature eliminates the risk of tilting the coffee puck surface due to non-vertical force angles, making it ideal for professional baristas or multiple people tamping.Made with 100% food-grade stainless steel, our tamper is safe for use and easy to clean. With up to 35lbs of mashing power, it creates a flat concentric ring pattern in the portafilter for optimal extraction.Experience consistent distribution and pressure with every tamp, resulting in even extraction and enhanced espresso flavor. A must-have accessory for any espresso lover, our tamper will impress your friends with its professional quality and performance.Share the love of great espresso with friends and family by gifting our tamper set. It's the perfect present for any coffee enthusiast or home barista who wants to get the most out of their espresso machine.Size options: 51mm, 54mm, 58mm with filter basket, making it compatible with various machines. Add this tamper to your cart and take your espresso game to the next level.
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