DIY Designer Flower Boxes - Dark Teal Burnt Orange

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Introducing our stunning DIY Designer Flower Boxes, now available in a beautiful dark teal and burnt orange color scheme. These artificial flowers are so lifelike, you'll never have to worry about wilting. Each box is packed with a variety of foam and silk flowers, as well as silk and plastic greenery, all carefully chosen to complement each other.The flexible wire stems on the flowers and greeneries make them perfect for creating your own arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, and wreaths for any special occasion.PACKAGE DETAILS:- Materials: Our flower boxes are constructed using high-quality foam and silk flowers, as well as silk and plastic greenery.#MADELINETEALGRANDBOX- Package: - Silk Flowers: 1 burnt orange Austin rose, 3 teal roses, 3 orange Cymbidiums. - Foam Flowers: 6 teal roses, 4 burnt orange roses, 1 burnt orange rose bud, 3 amber roses. - Accessories: 3 seeded oval eucalyptus, 2 bronze golden leaves, 12 peacock blue beads.#TEALGREENBURNTORANGEDELUXEBOX- Package: - Silk Flowers: 1 burnt orange peony, 1 mandarin Cymbidium, 2 teal green poppies, 1 teal green Austin rose, 1 4.7" flannelette rose, 1 real touch rose, 1 blue Eryngium foetidum, 2 navy roses. - Foam Flowers: 2 3" burnt orange roses, 3 3" amber roses, 2 hazelnut gardenias, 1 3" golden glove rose, 1 peacock green avalanche rose, 1 teal green avalanche rose, 1 burnt orange avalanche rose, 1 4.7" peacock green avalanche rose, 1 burnt orange pearl rosea, 4 peacock green pearl roseas, 2 peacock green avalanche roses. - Accessories: 2 orange eucalyptus, 2 champagne gold rose leaves.#ORANGETEALGREENDELUXEBOX- Package: - Silk Flowers: 3 champagne clivias, 8 orange wintersweets, 3 sorbet orange roses, 2 orange Austin roses, 1 burnt orange vendela rose, 1 orange hydrangea. - Foam Flowers: 4 3" golden glove roses, 3 3" teal green roses, 2 burnt orange avalanche roses, 2 peacock green avalanche roses, 1 peacock green gardenia, 2 warm taupe roses. - Accessories: 3 pumpkin branches, 3 golden banyan leaves, 2 gold berries, 3 terracotta perilla leaves.#ALLDIY QUANTITY REFERENCESWedding Bouquets:- 15" Bridal Bouquet: 1 and a half deluxe boxes- 11" Bridal Bouquet: 1 and a half grand boxes or 1 deluxe box- 9" Maid of Honor Bouquet: 1 grand box- 7" Bridesmaid Bouquets (Set of 4): 3 grand boxes or 2 deluxe boxesCenterpieces:- 15x8" Large: 1 deluxe box- 11x8" Medium: 1/2 deluxe box- 7x4" Small: 1/4 deluxe box- 11x8" Large: 1 grand box- 10x5" Medium: 1/2 grand box- 4x5" Small: 1/4 grand boxOur listing description provides all necessary information about our DIY Designer Flower Boxes in a clear and optimized manner. Our products are carefully crafted with high-quality materials and designed to help you create your own stunning floral arrangements. Our deluxe and grand boxes are perfect for wedding bouquets and centerpieces, providing just the right amount of flowers and greenery for a cohesive and beautiful look. Order now and bring some color and life to your special occasion!
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