Artificial flowers look lifelike and never wilt.
Each box set packs a variety of flowers and greeneries in a cohesive color scheme. With the flexible wire stems, the flowers and greeneries are perfect for you to create your bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, or any other floral arrangements that you want on any special occasion.


  • Material: These flower box sets are mainly made of foam/silk flowers and silk/plastic greenery.
  • Size Guide: Each box can make a 9-10 inches bouquet.
    • Package:
      • Silk Flowers: white chorale rose x1, white cladding ranunculus x1
      • Foam Flowers: dutch blue rose x3, dusty blue rose x3, dusty blue petite rose x1, dusty blue avalanche rose x2, ivory rose x1, white rose x1, white open rose x3, dusty blue high-centered rose x2, dusty blue gardenia x1
      • Included Accessories: green eucalyptus x2, white hydrangea x3, blue filler flower x5, green berries x3, green leaves x3
      • Package:
        • Silk Flowers: Blue Hydrangea x1, Blue Dahlia x1, Blue Chanel Flower x1, Blue Morning Glory Flower x2, White Vendela Rose x1, Clivia x1, Cream Hydrangea x2, Blue Austin Rose x1, Blue Dahlia x1
        • Foam Flowers: 3" White Rose x4, 3" Navy Blue Rose x4, Navy Blue Dahlia x3, Dutch Blue Gardenia x2, Dutch Blue Dahlia x1
        • Included Accessories: Navy Berry x2, Blue Oak Leaf x3, Glass Beads x4, Glass Beads x4, Pearl Spray x4, Other Greenery x7


      Reference: The 17" wide bouquet in the image is made of one box of Vintage Dusty Blue flowers box set, one-third box of Summer Dusty Blue Grand Box, one box of Dutch Blue & Dusty Blue foam rose, one-third box of Seeded Oval Eucalyptus.

      • Package:
        • Silk Flowers: white tulip x6, silver allium flower x2.
        • Foam Flowers: 3" powder blue rose x5, powder blue gardenia x2, dusty blue gardenia x1, 2.5" ivory Avalanche rose x3, 3.5" ivory Avalanche rose x5, 3.5" dusty blue Avalanche rose x3, powder blue rosebud x2.
        • Included Accessories: manor blue mint x3, seeded eucalyptus x2.

      DIY Designer Flower Boxes in Dusty Blue & Navy

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