Designer Flower Boxes in Rust Sepia - DIY Kit

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Artificial flowers look lifelike and never wilt.
Each box set packs a variety of flowers and greeneries in a cohesive color scheme. With the flexible wire stems, the flowers and greeneries are perfect for you to create your bouquets, centerpieces, wreaths, or any other floral arrangements that you want on any special occasion.


  • Materials: These flower box sets are mainly made of foam/silk flowers and silk/plastic greenery.
  • Size Guide: Each box can make a 9-10 inches bouquet.
  • Package:
    • Foam Flowers: 3" Cream Rose x4, 3" Gold Sparrow x4, 3" Walnut Rose x2, 3"Golden Glove Rose x3, Tawny Beige Avalanche Rose x3, White Anthurium Flower x1.
    • Silk Flowers: Champagne Silk Rose x1, Brown Avalanche x2, French Orange Vendela Rose x1, Burnt Orange Vendela Rose x1.
    • Dry flower & leaves: Sago Cycas Leaf x3, Beige Pampas x1, Seeded Pampas x1, Coffee Reed Leaves x1, Dandelion x3, Dry Myosotis x1, Dried Peony x1.
  • Package:
    • Foam Flowers: 3" White Rose x9, 3" Tawny Beige Rose x3, 2.5" Tawny Beige Avalanche Rose x2, 3.5" Tawny Beige Avalanche Rose x3
    • Silk Flowers: Burnt Blush Austin Rose x1, Ivory Hydrangea x2, Baby Breath x3, Ivory Burnt Peony x1
    • Dry flower & Leaves: White Sago Cycas Branch x3, Beige Smokebush x2, Seeded Pampas x1, Gray Bodhi Leaf x6, Dried Alocasia x2, Dried Fan Palm Branches x1
                      • Package:
                        • Silk Flowers: White Peony x2, Coffee Lily x2, Champagne Rose x1, Orange Rose x2, Red Dahlia x1
                        • Foam Flowers: Walnut Brown Rose x1, 3" Burnt Orange Rose x4, 3" Tawny Beige Rose x5, Walnut Brown Avalanche Rose x3, Golden Glove Dahlia x3, Hazelnut Gardenia x1
                        • Greenery & Accessories: Berry x1, Coffee Woad Leaf x1, Terracotta Eucalyptus x1, Lilac Sage x3, Other Greenery x5
                      • Package:
                        • Silk Flowers: Caramel Peony x1, Pink Chrysanthemum x1, Coffee Peony x1, White Peony x1, French Orange Vendela Rose x1, Burnt Orange Vendela Rose x1, Coffee Phalaenopsis x2
                        • Foam Flowers: 3" Cream Rose x2, Walnut Brown Rose x2, Sand Beige Rose x2, 3" Gold Sparrow Rose x1, Tawny Beige Avalanche Rose x2, Hazelnut Gardenia x2
                        • Greenery & Accessories: Berry x1, Perilla Leaves x2, Coffee Woad Leaf x2, Other Greenery x2
                      • Package:
                        • Silk Flowers: White Peony x1, Pink Chrysanthemum x1, Champagne Dandelion x3, Coffee Daffodil x3, Beige Dandelion x1, Red Bean Peony x2, Champagne Rose x1, White Rose x1
                        • Foam Flowers: Sand Beige Rose x6, Nude Rose x3, 3" Tawny Beige Rose x4, Nude Dahlia x3, Petal Pink Rose x2
                        • Greenery & Accessories: Beige Leaves x3, Pampas x1, Sage Purple Eucalyptus Leaves x6, Other Greenery x5
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