Teal & Orange theme flowers and greenery packages are specially hand-picked by our designer for their quality and versatility. Now you could spend less time choosing the right items - gather all you need in just 1 click! What's more, you will save 40~50% compared to buying pre-made products.
  • Sample Wrist Corsage x1
  • Designer Flower and Greenery Set x1 (for 6 Wrist Corsages DIY)
    • Included 2" teal rose, 2" emeralds rose, orange daphne, Aglaia leaf , golden bamboo leaf, teal poppy, eucalyptus leaf, and golden skeletonized leaves.
  • DIY Tool Set x1
    • Included artificial floral stems, flower craft wires, tubing, ribbons, and cable ties.

DIY Wedding Flower Packages in Dark Teal & Burnt Orange | Clearance

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