Premium Dog Doorbell for Potty Training - Black Suitable for Small Medium and Large Dogs

  • 【TRAINING IS SO EASY】 This bell for door to train dog is very simple to use. An Easier, Better Way for your dog to communicate!!you need to do is follow our simple 3 step training guide and teach your puppy.Using dog bells have is proven to be an easier,fun and a win-win way for your dog to communicate Instead of barking.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY DOORBELL】 The attractive dog doorbell fits beautifully into your home decor. Woven with high quality cotton cord.Six bronze bells are made from durable metals to provide a superior sound quality. ring loud and so sweet every time!
  • 【VAttractive DESIGN】 You can easily hang this dog doorbell from various door handle. The 6 bells designed for dogs of various sizes, and are suitable for dog head touch and paw touch.
  • 【Safe and lovely Bells】 Six antique-looking bells are made from nickel plated durable metals which are rust free for indoor and outdoor use. It's safe for dogs, it doesn't have scary slit and beads, so you don't worry about her paw getting stuck and your dog eating the ball bearings.
  • 【Easy to Train and Use】 Many people have success on the very first day. STEP 1:Point to the bell and shout your commands,when your puppy touches the training bells, give her praise and a treat. Repeat this step several times. STEP 2:When your dog touch the bells, open the door, step outside with her and give her a treat. STEP 3: If you want take her to the potty/pee, use the same setup, Once the job is done,reward her with a treat and lots of praise.

Product Description

How to Train Your Dog


Introduce the bell to the dog. Let them touches the dog bells. Point to the bell and shout your commands,when your puppy touches the training bells,Encourage it's interest by giving her treats and praise her (like good girl, my man.. good job etc.).Repeat this step several times until your dog understands it is for communication and not play.


The second stage is to have your dog ring the doorbell, you need to religiously ask your puppy to "ring the bell" every time you take the dog out.Step outside with your pup and give another treat. The bell is now associated with “outside.”


If you want take her to the potty/pee, use the same setup, but this time make your dog ring the bell and once the job is done,reward it with another treat and loads of praise.Finally, you have a smart dog who knows how to tell you to potty.

Tips:Do this before your puppy's breakfast time so she is more motivated by food. You need the patience to continuously train your puppy. Puppy that love outdoors may take the train faster. Consistency also plays a key role during initial days like, not letting your puppy follow you outside without ringing the bell, giving treats when your puppy doesn't complete to ring the bell and go outside.

More application scenarios:

We have received some customer feedback , Sometimes the doorbell will be caught when closing the door. Some customers do not like the sound of the bell every time the door is opened and closed. You can consider the following suggestions: we suggest that you buy our stainless steel hook, stick the hook on the wall next to the door, and then hang the dog doorbell on the hook, it can solve all problems perfectly.

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