Recordable Dog Communication Buttons Set - Speaking and Command Pet Buttons for Dogs Cats and Small Animals Blue

  • EASILY TRAIN your pet to speak with these patent pending recordable buttons for dogs; Dogs and cats cannot see red, orange, or green. But they can see our custom-colored training buttons, made specifically for dogs and cats, now you can make a word for each color to ensure success!
  • BETTER SOUND QUALITY - Our buttons have top quality microphones and speakers, so you can get the clear sound and better volume that you deserve. RECORD your own voice, specific words with our dog communication buttons specifically colored for dogs and cats to be able to see.
  • CONNECT, BOND & PLAY - Discover how smart your pet really is, build a deeper bond and learn how to communicate with your best friend while enjoying less accidents in potty training with these accessories.
  • TRAINING VIDEOS - Learn more from our animal training videos on how to use the talking dog buttons; All items are guaranteed so you can shop with confidence!
  • PURCHASE INCLUDES - 1 Blue Button - Access to our animal training videos and instructions on how to program the talking dog button with your own voice.

Product Description

Have you ever wished that your pet could tell you that they love you? Or wished they could tell you when they need to go outside to use the bathroom? Well now your wishes can come true, as your pet can literally talk to you with our recordable buttons for dogs! Teach your pet how to speak with our custom dog talk buttons. You can record your own word or message into the dog speaking buttons to say exactly what you want your pet to be able to communicate to you. Stop trying to read your pet’s mind and Give Them DaVoice Pet Communication Buttons.

Choose your accessories above - The DaVoice Dog Button Mat (sold separately) has a low profile, stylish durable mat, and the dog buttons are attachable to keep your pet buttons in place, and out of the way against the wall. The mat also has a non-skid backing to keep the mat in place, and the mat easily wipes clean without having to move it, or any of the word buttons for dogs. (DaVoice Dog Button Mat sold separately)

Make sure your dog or cat can see the colors of the buttons you purchase

The DaVoice Pet Communication talking buttons have dichromatic colors specifically made for dogs and cats, as these animals cannot see certain colors, such as hues of red, orange, or green. But they can easily see our custom-colored buttons, which helps them differentiate which color of button says what word. This will improve the speed of training your pet, who will be super excited to finally be able to communicate with you, their best friend!

LEARN more from our training videos and included training guide on how to use the talking dog buttons. Each button sold separately above, choose your colors.

High quality microphone with clear sound and better volume!

Many dog buttons have low quality microphones. But with our high quality microphones you can now record your own words and still get the sound quality you deserve! You can customize with your own specific household words for your dog or cat.

Super clear sound with our high quality metal speakers!

Some dog buttons have low quality plastic speakers. We did our homework and you will have no more hard to understand, low volume, muffled recordings!

Your message is safe! Your pet cannot erase it by accident!

The DaVoice color-coded pet buttons are designed with the recording switch on the bottom of the button, so that your message cannot be accidentally erased by your pet.

Video Lessons Included on How to Teach your Dog!

Links to our training guide and our training videos are included. Our videos are accessible on your computer, phone, tablet and more. Teach your dog to press a button, use the buttons for potty training and more!

You might be thinking, how in the world do I teach my pet to push pet talking buttons? Well, it is much easier than you might think. We first taught our dog, Rosa (when she was 9 months old) how to press a button in just 1 ½ days with motivational treats, as it helped us move things along at a faster pace. We provide training videos to help you teach your pet how to push dog training buttons for communication.

Rosa likes to tattle on her sister, Daisy. If she steals her treat, she runs to the buttons and pushes “Daisy”. If Rosa’s dad is outside mowing the lawn, she goes over to the buttons and combines words and pushes “Daddy” and then “Outside”. Also, when we returned from a week long camping trip at the lake, she wanted to go back a couple of days later, and was telling us by pushing "Outside" "Water" and "Bye-Bye", so now she has a "Camping" button! With patience, time and effort, your pet can do this too.

Rosa has been training on buttons for three years and has 19 buttons that she uses to communicate with us. If your dog already knows how to shake, then you can teach your dog how to press a button fast. You can learn more about this with our training videos.

Colorful Recordable Speech Buttons!

RECORD words such as outside, potty, play, food and more with our dog communication buttons specifically colored for dogs and cats to be able to see (each color sold separately above).

Easy to Press Buttons & Non-Skid Mat

EASY TO PRESS buttons are reliable and even the smallest dog or cat can press them with ease - Buy the "Give Them DaVoice" non-skid mat with attachable/detachable button circles for ease of training.

Speak Just Like Rosa!

TEACH your pet to speak like Rosa the dog with these patent pending recordable buttons for dogs - DISCOVER how smart your pet really is and learn how to communicate with your best friend while enjoying less accidents in potty training with these accessories.

What is Included?

Each button is sold separately, choose your color above.

Also you can add on which size mat your need above, as well as we sell Velcro to attach your buttons to the mat.

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