Fixed Metal Dog Doorbell for Potty Training - Wall Mounted White

  • 🔔High -quality bell: The bell itself is made of high -quality steel compression, hand -polished and polished, and sprayed with gold powder on the surface. The bell we made is strong and durable and does not rust, even large dogs cannot destroy the bell. The bell of this style is very loud and comfortable. It is also a good home decoration doorbell in addition to the dog bell.
  • 🔔Easy to install: The advantage of a fixed dog doorbell is that you can install it in any place you need it. The dog bells will make a sound only when the doorbell is touched, so don't worry about it will bring you noise every time you open the door.
  • 🔔Suitable for dog training: In order to prevent dogs from barking and destroying the door, simple dog door bell training can effectively solve this matter. You can use the dog bell for door potty training. Bells for dogs to ring to go outside.
  • 🔔Full accessories: You buy our dog doorbell. We will give three extra screws. Only two holes need to be used for fixed doorbells. The third is to prevent the wrong spare screw when you accidentally install the wrong installation.
  • 🔔The best gift: I think you can choose to buy it on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving. The dog training bell is not only a holiday gift for the dog, but also the best decoration of home life!

Product Description

Dog Training Tutorial: Teaching Your Dog to Use the Dog Doorbell

If you've recently purchased our Dog Doorbell, you're on the path to improving communication with your furry friend. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to effectively train your dog to use the doorbell:

Step 1: Introduction

Start by introducing the dog doorbell to your furry friend. Allow them to sniff, touch, and explore it. This step is all about creating a positive association with the doorbell. When they show interest in it, reward them with treats and verbal praise.

Step 2: Positive Association

Now, it's time to reinforce the idea that interacting with the doorbell is a good thing. Whenever your dog touches the bell or makes it ring, reward them generously. Use their favorite treats and plenty of enthusiastic "good dog" affirmations. The goal is to make them understand that ringing the bell brings positive outcomes.

Step 3: Bell Ringing

In this step, gently demonstrate how to ring the bell yourself. Encourage your dog to watch you as you press the bell, and then guide their paw or nose to ring it. Once they do it, celebrate the achievement with treats and praise. Repetition is key here.

Step 4: Potty Signal

Now, let's establish a connection between the doorbell and potty time. Before taking your dog out, encourage them to ring the doorbell. Use simple commands like "outside" or "potty" while they ring it. When they do, open the door and allow them to do their business. Make sure to reward them after they've done their duty.

Step 5: Consistency

Consistency is the key to success in dog doorbell training. Be patient and continue to practice the above steps regularly. Each time your dog successfully rings the doorbell for any reason, acknowledge their efforts with treats and praise. This reinforces the training and keeps your dog engaged.

Remember, every dog learns at their own pace, so be patient, keep training sessions short and enjoyable, and, most importantly, have fun bonding with your furry companion during the process. Happy training!

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