Self-Powered Dog Doorbell for Potty Training and Communication with Older People and Kids

  • 【Self-Powered Patented Technology】- uahpet Dog bell uses patented self-generation technology to power doorbell, no battery required. After pressing the transmitter, it will generate electricity by itself and send a stable signal to the receiver. With this self-powered dog bells for door, you will no longer need to frequent battery replacement. And don't worry that the door bell is out of power and the dog can't enter the house!
  • 【Easy to Use】- Bell rings using just 0.75 lbs of pressure! Just need to gently press the side of transmitter by the dog's nose or paws. It is convenient to use,suitable for dogs of any sizes, large dog, puppy and doggy. Noted: You need to simple potty training and guidance before use, so that your pet can know how to use uahpet dog training bell to go outside.
  • 【Volume & Ring Tones Customizable】- The reciver of smart bell delivers rich and crisp tones, easily choose and set your favorite ring tones as you wish. There are 36 different ring tones available and 5 levels of adjustable volume (0db to 105db). Flashing light indicators which are easy for people including the hearing impaired to notice. Mute Mode (0db) giving your family a more comfortable sleeping environment , and adding power-off memory function without resetting the music.
  • 【Ultra-Long Wireless Range】- Operating range up to 1000ft / 304m in the open area, ensures you to hear and answer the dog's needs in time. Either you are occupied a few rooms away or on another floor, in the garden or kitchen, you will always be easily informed when your dog is calling you from outside.
  • 【Not Just for Dog】- uahpet door bell has wide range of uses, not just for using as a dog potty bell, also can be used as a call bell for home or caregive pager for kid,elderly and sick patient. Two installation methods can be choose, 3M adhesive patch and screws, which are very firm and will not cause damage to the wall. Please place the receiver at least 20"above the ground to maximize signal strength.

Product Description

Long Operating Distance

With a reliable wireless range of 1,000 feet and strong signal penetration, you will never miss the calling when your dog want to go ouside. Enjoy a reliable and hassle-free doorbell system at home, in factories, offices, classrooms, apartment blocks, villas and other large areas.

Smart Memory Function

uahpet dog doorbell will remember your previous set melody and volume level - even after a power outage. This thoughtful feature ensures your personal touch doesn't get deleted

Mute Mode

The door bell has a mute mode to choose from, don't worry doorbell chime will disturb a sleeping baby. Thanks to the LED will still flash when working in mute mode, you will never miss your dog even in mute mode.

How to Train Your Dog?

Step 1: Hold the bell close to your puppy’s nose. Once the puppy touches the bell, say “yes!” and give the puppy a treat. If needed, you can encourage the puppy to touch the bell by holding a treat behind it or dabbing some peanut butter on the bell. Repeat until your puppy readily touches the bell with his nose, always giving lots of praise and a treat.

Step 2: When he confidently touches the bell as soon as you present it, add a word such as “touch” or “bell.” Start to hold the bell a little farther away, so the puppy has to make a few steps to touch it.

Step 3: Teaching your puppy to ring the bell at the right time. Approach the door with your puppy, point to the bell, and say your cue, “touch” or “bell.” The moment he touches the bell, say “yes!,” open the door, and take him outside. With repetition, your puppy will learn that when he touches the bell, you will open the door.

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