2-Pack Adjustable Dog Doorbells for Easy Puppy Potty Training Premium Quality Bells and Whistle Combo

  • EASY POTTY TRAINING: Premium quality dog doorbells for potty training, offers easiest and best way of training and teaching your dog pet how to let you know when it needs to go outside with a simple touch on the dog door bell that will make your potty training easy and enjoyable.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL PETS: Because dogs come in all sizes, we have added three sets of dog training bells at various heights so your beloved pet can reach the dog door bells. You to set the length of doorbells to either 34” or 33” with the help of the two integrated snaps.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: You do not have to worry about the dog doorbell string not matching your doors or knobs in type or size since these dog training bells for door are for all kinds of knobs these are the ideal bells for dogs to ring to go outside
  • 2 BELLS + 1 WHISTLE Since all dog trainers recommend to have more than one easy dog potty training bell string we supply 2 doorbells and we includes 1 whistle with the bells for dogs.
  • YOU DESERVE THE BEST: Our company’s philosophy relies on using the best materials and processes so we can offer to all our customers amazing products that will improve your life alongside your pet.

Product Description

How to Make Pet Potty Training Easy With One Simple Trick

Potty training your four-legged family can be a daunting task at times and really messy.

But what if we told you there was a quick, foolproof way to teach your doggie to communicate their needs, that’s approved, encouraged & promoted by professional, certified dog-trainers?

Enter the Duke Dixie Potty Training Bells for Pets

Our Potty Training Bells are a smart pet gadget that teaches your pet to associate the bell sound, with the need to go out. In time, they can be trained to ring the bell & let you know when it’s time to go!

Why Choose the Duke Dixie Potty Training Bells?

  • It’s a quick, easy & highly effective training method especially designed for your pet
  • Bell sound is highly distinguishable yet never intrusive or annoying
  • Bells are REMOVABLE so that you find the perfect jingle loudness
  • Made with highly durable nylon string
  • Each string features 3 sets of bells at different heights for different size breeds
  • Adjustable height between 29” and 33” thanks to the smart design with integrated snaps
  • Can be used with both cats and dogs

Choose your purchase: TWO (2) sets of poochie bells + EXTRA Training Whistle OR ONE (1) Potty Training Bells

Approved by Dog Trainers

Potty-bells for dogs is a highly efficient training method approved and encouraged by professional dog trainers. Potty train your dog or cat without damaging any of your doors and while avoiding the insufferable pee smell in the home.

For Any Dog Size & Breed

Each string comes with 3 sets of bells at various heights so that both puppers and smaller breeds can reach them with no issues. The integrated snaps, can help you adjust the bells at a height of 29 and 33 Inches so that any breed/ size pet can effortlessly use them.

Removable Bells, Durable Construction

Our potty bells feature removable sets of bells that allow you to perfectly adjust the loudness to your & your pet’s preference. What’s more, the top-tier nylon string delivers unmatched durability making it perfect for daily use.

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