Wireless Dog Doorbells for Potty Training - LED Flash 1000 Ft Range 55 Melodies Waterproof

  • 🎵【55 Ringtone 5 Volume Levels】Our doorbell offers 55 melodious chimes, supports four-level volume mode: Mute (LED flashing only) / Ringing only / Ringing and flashing/Ringing and LED light all the time, up to 110db, you can enjoy music at home without missing any guest. When you turn it to mute mode, the LED indicator only flashes blue light when visitor rings the bell, thus there won't disturbe you when you are resting.
  • 📶【Long Operating Range & Expandable】Our wireless doorbell with reliable 300m/1000ft strong signal penetration wireless transmission range (no obstacles) and LED indicator design. It can through walls better to ensures a more reliable connection. Perfect for home, office, villas, warehouses and more. You can use our doorbells to train dogs, seniors and disabled use doorbells as assisted living call pagers! It also can add more Mierplor receivers or transmitters in order to increased coverage.
  • 🔔【Ringing Easily】This wireless doorbell has a new sensitive sensor for pets. You can train your pets to touch it with nose or paw for a call instead of barking or press. Just need lightly touch or slip over the touchpad to activate the wireless doorbell, you will know your pets are calling you. Any small or big dogs can do.Even cats also can do it.
  • 🔔【Easy to Set Up】Just use Velcro to stick the transmitter on the door/floor/wall,even on a board and place it any where you need. Then plug the receiver into an electrical outlet. No need for wiring or any other tools. No need to reset tune and volume level after a power outage. (Note: Remove the insulation sheet of the transmitter before use)
  • 💖【💯Durable & Satisfaction】Door bell kits Wireless have excellent materials keeps itself from getting higher temperature & interference. IP65 waterproof rating to withstand the harshest weather -30 ° C and 70 ° C (-22 ° F and 158 ° F) Ultra-low power consumption lithium battery gives a lifespan of up to 3 years; no need to worry about frequent battery replacement. If unsatisfied with your product? Return to us within 180 days and get 100% money back!

Product Description

DingDong! …

Hate Barking, scratching broken the door? Wanna an easier, better way to communicate with your dog/cat or others pets ?

If you are looking for fun and efficient ways to training your dog/cat, then we developed Mierplor Wireless Doorbell for your beloved pets.

Every time he wants to come in the house, instead of scratching the door or barking, he rings the doggie doorbell. "Ding-Dong..." All your friends will be delighted and amazed when your pet would come in with his tail wagging proudly.

About Us

Mierplor is an industry and trade integrated business, a combination of production and sales, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with a group over 30 of research and development personnel. All the products we manufactured are under strict test.

55 Unique Melodies & 5 Volume Levels & Silent Mode

  • There are many simple and pleasing melodies to choose, suitable for different occasions. 0-110 dB volume adjustable.
  • Each receiver can be set with an independent melody, so you can know which door is someone at.
  • Provide silent notifications in silent mode without disturbing sleeping babies.

Strong and Stable Signal

The transmitter can generate strong, stable signal that can work through doors and walls. The connection range between the receiver and transmitter can reach up to 1,000 feet in open air.

Weather Resistant

IP65 waterproof and dustproof, built-in waterproof rubber ring, can work normally in rainy days. Could withstand temperature of -22°F to 158 °F. High quality materials do not age or break when exposed to the sun.

How to train your dog to ring a bell?

Step 1 – Touch Command

  • Use the command “touch” pointing to the doorbell a little bit far away from her nose. Most Dogs will move closer and smell the bell.
  • Immediately after she uses her nose to hit/touch the door bell say the ” yes!” And give her a treat just after she uses her nose to touch the bell which is a reward for her good works.
  • Repeat this 10-15 times and make sure she gets used to the step by touching the bell when you say touch. Increase the distance of the bell every time your dog touches the bell. The point here is to teach him to touch/ring the bell.

Step 2 -Teaching your puppy to ring the bell outside

  • Use 3M double-sided tape and velcro to stick it on the door or wall where you would like for your puppy to go out. at the door say “touch”, and point towards the bell and when she touches the bell say yes! Open the door and give her a treat immediately. With repetition, your puppy will learn that when he touches the bell, you will open the door.
  • Don’t forget to give her treat when she’s done with the business.
  • Remember to keep your training sessions short, and if either you or your dog are getting frustrated, do something easy and fun to end the session, then take a break and try it again later.

Memory Function / LED Light Reminder

Benefit from the smart memory function, the door bell will remember the original melody and volume level even a power outage.

The doorbell rings and the LED flashes that give you a visual form of notification(an excellent feature for the hearing impaired).

Easy to Change the Ringtone or Paring relationship

  • SHORT PRESS the Backward or Forward Button on the receiver to select your favorite music. The receiver will ring the selected music.
  • LONG PRESS the Volume Button on the receiver for about 5s, until it makes ONE Ding sound with LED light flashing.
  • Press the button on the transmitter quickly within 5s, then the receiver will makes TWO Ding sound with LED light flashing, the setting is completed. This learning mode lasts only 5s, then it will automatically exit.

How to set different tunes for multiple receivers?

Repeat step1-3(set a different chime), then press the transmitter to ring.


Our Mierplor doorbell can be expanded to 30 integral components, which includes additional receiver, button, receiver, pager and sensor.

Unique Identification Code

The wireless doorbell is designed with a unique identification code that will not interfere with each other, offering accurately remind or ask for help.

Best Value

Save 1/3 with the same quality wireless dog door bells,all of us using the same mechanism solution from same supplier.

Package Included

1x Receiver / 1or 2 Transmitter(Depends on Purchase Option) / 2x Velcro / 1x 23A 12V Battery(Included) / 1x Screwdriver / 1x Instruction Manual


* Please test the working distance between the receiver and the transmitter before installing and fixing!

* Do not install the transmitter on the security door. The metal will weaken the signal and affect the remote control distance!

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