Wireless Dog Doorbell Training System - 2 Receivers 3 Transmitters Waterproof Buttons

  • This dog door bell is for training dog/pet learned to touch button when they want to go outside or back home instead of scratching barking and whining.
  • Trigger simple-The dog bells just need lightly touch or slip over the touchpad to activate the wireless doorbell through nose or claw. No need to press.Any small or big dogs can do.Even cats also can do it.
  • Easy Installation -Evernary dog doorbells for potty training are wireless.Use Velcro to stick the transmitter on the door/floor/wall,even on a board and then you can place it any where you need.Flexibly increase or decrease the receiver and transmitter according to your needs.Just plug the receiver into an electrical outlet.The matching method is simple and easy to operate.
  • Broad Suitable Scope-3 in 1:As dog doorbell suitable for all size dogs-xsmall,small,medium or large! Also fit cat or other pets! Other two functions are used as door bell for home or as caregive page for elderly/sick patient.
  • LONG RANGE and Customized-Operating range is 800+ feet in open area.Has 55 ring tones and 5 levels volume from 0db to 110db for choice.Set to 0db(mute mode) when you need.Could not be disturbed.Give you a better home experience.

Product Description

Ding Dong! … How smart your dog is! All of your friends and family will be AMAZED at your dog!

Forget the scratching, barking, and whining! It's the premier solution to all of your dog potty training problems.

Dog Doorbell Ringtones: 52 chimes ---Volume range: 0 to 110dB

IP55 Waterproof

Mother Nature can be fierce. In order to withstand whatever the elements may throw at it, the transmitter has a high waterproof rating of IP55. Functional between -22 °F to 158 °F, its tough construction allows the doorbell to operate in even the hard weather conditions.

52 Ringtones and LED Inditactor

The huge selection of 52 tunes ensures you could find one you favorite.

The built-in 40 mm stereo speaker delivers clear and well-balanced sound up to 110 dB.

Flashing LED Light, ideal for helping even seniors notice when someone rings the bell.

Long Operating Distance

With a reliable wireless range of 800 feet and strong signal penetration, the doorbell can be freely used in large areas like homes, garden, villas and more.

Wide Application

Our dog doorbells suitable for all size dogs-small, medium or large!

It's also can be used as a wireless doorbell for home or as caregiver pager for pregnant woman/elderly / patient.

How to Change the Ringtone


  • Plug the receiver into a socket.
  • Press the Forward or Backward button to select your favorite music.
  • Please Note: don't press and hold the Forward or Backward button for about more than 5s,otherwise all settings will be cleared.


Press and hold the volume button about 5s until the receiver make a "ding" sound and the LED flashes once.


Touch the sensitive area on the button within 25s to send a signal to the receiver.


Touch the button again.The receiver will rings the music you selected,means that the pairing is successful.

EverNary dog door bell is easy installation, modern and stylish design .

The receiver: Simply plug it to an AC outlet.

The transmitter: Just mount them where you need! They can be placed on the door/floor/wall for easy use with a paw or nose, no damage to the wall. In fact, we even can place it to a small board,and let it laying there by the door or where we liked. When we are training our dog, can place it where needed.

How to training your dog: You can do your training during feeding time. Put the food outside the door, and then show the dog how to ring the bell. When they do it, praise them and immediately open the door.Put your dog out any time they ring the bell, whether they want to or not! Puppy would ring it and when I'd come over to let him out, maybe he didn't want to go out, just wanted to play. So put them out anyway! If you're consistent about it, they will only ring when they want to go out.

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Price $42.99$42.99 $29.96$29.96 $29.95$29.95 $19.87$19.87 $54.99$54.99 $36.99$36.99
Volume Level 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB) 5Level (0-110dB)
Operating Voltage AC: 110-260V AC: 110-260V AC: 110-260V AC: 110-260V AC: 110-260V AC: 110-260V
Trigger method Lightly Touch Lightly Touch Lightly Touch Lightly Touch Lightly Touch Lightly Touch
Color Black White Black White Black White
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