Material: Handmade item, flower swag made of artificial burnt orange and dusty rose, cream rose, peony, small rose bud flowers add eucalyptus and willow greenery garland, artificial pomegranate spray, and filler spray flower decoration. Come with cable zip ties and metal clips.

Artificial flowers look not only beautiful but very lifelike. As the best alternative to expensive fresh flowers and greeneries, they will stay and look beautiful all day, not wilting and turning brown, so you can purchase them in advance.



  • Package: Flower arrangement x2, cable zip tie x3, metal clip x3. (Not including wooden sign & stand.)
  • Size: The large flower arrangement measures 3ft long, and the small one measures 17" long when straightened.


  • Package: Flower swags x1 + cable zip tie x2 + metal clip x2 (not include sign & stand)
  • Size: The flower swag design straightens measures 20" long x 10" wide (the center flower part is 13" long x 10' wide)


  • Package: Pre-fabricated ground flower x1 + Pre-fabricated flower swag x1 + cable zip tie x3 + metal clip x3 (not include wooden sign & stand)
  • Size: The flower swag design straightened measures 23" long x 8" wide (the center flower part 13" long x 10' wide), the standing flowers 25" high x 11" wide (the flower part 15" high x 11" wide)
  • Design Features: The ground flower design only has flowers in front and cannot stand alone, it needs to be fixed on the stand with an adjustable cable tie. The flower swag is designed on a flexible base (there is also a wire inside the plastic stem for easy bending to a suitable shape), and easily fits any type of wedding sign.

Ready to Use: Pre-made flowers, opened the box easy to work, designed on a flexible base (which also has iron wires inside the plastic stems for bending suitable modeling easily), and releasable adjustable green cable zip ties and metal clip attached for easy tieing to any type of wedding sign.

Note: The flowers may bend a bit due to shipping and packing, please softly knead the petals to help recover the shape.

    Flower Sign Decor in Sunset Terracotta

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