Foldable Dog Exercise Playpen with Top Cover - Silver Metal 8 Panels OutdoorIndoor - 30 Height

  • 【8 Connected Panels】Foldable playpen (each panel 30H and 24W Inches) is so spacious and gives your pet plenty room to roam freely. It comes with 3 flexible clasps and 8 ground anchors that would be used outdoors (basically allows you to anchor it to your lawn).
  • 【Solid and Mesh Top Cover】Well made of heavy material. It fits tight with attached carabiners also has velcro at the corners to snug it even more. There is no way pets can escape underneath after getting it secured properly. Part of the cover is a mesh screen so kitties can get some sunbathing time in. The solid part of the cover gives kitty a place to stay dry in rainy day. There is a zipper dividing the mesh part from the solid part and it feels pretty secure.
  • 【Easy to Assembly】No need for tools for installing. Both assembling and disassembling are quick and simple, it is convenient to take the puppy playpen cover around for use in different locations, indoor-outdoor. The playpen cover comes with 8 elastic bands with hook and 8 velcros, you can easily fix it to the cage but also easy to tear down for portability.
  • 【Keep Your Floor Clean】 Stressing out when your pet knocks over the food bowl or little piggies relieve themselves everywhere? The floor mat saves your day—Oxford fabric with a water-resistant coating is easy to wipe clean while protecting your piggy’s sensitive feet or your floor.
  • 【Change the Shape Optionally】Our puppy playpen design allows for multiple shape configurations to meet your needs, such as the shape of rectangle, square or octagon. This dog playpen will be ideal for any pet lover. If you have any questions about our pet playpen, please feel free to contact us.
  • 【Great for Small Animals】8 panels exercise pen works great as a dog fence or as an exercise area for non-climbing small to medium animals including rabbits, ducks, turtles & guinea pigs and some other small animals.

Product Description

Give your pet a safe and secure play area with this 8 panel playpen with top cover/bottom pad

  • All the panels come hooked together and are somewhat permanently attached to each other. You just unfold it and clip the two end panels together. The clips that attached the panels together are swivel clips which work well.
  • Because cover fits tightly it also holds the panels together and makes it very stable.

Allow your pet to have their own space

Benefits of with bottom pad
  • Bottom pad could be used as a mat to protect floors and carpets, it could also be a top cover if you need
Benefits of with top cover

Top cover keeps pets from jumping out; protect pets from birds of prey outdoor when there is no supervision; create shelter for pets when in strong sun in summer or rain; Provide some privacy for shy and baby pets

Features & Benefits

  • Quality hammered silver metal
  • Strong and safety construction
  • Easy assembly and two kinds of knit to choose for your need
  • For various animals
  • Hand wash only (don't rub) and let it dry without wringing which may better protect rubber coating

Half cloth and half mesh design

The top has the mesh see through panel that can be unzipped. It has Velcro on the mesh and the canvas so that it can be laid back and attached while you are wanting it open keeping it secure.

Velcro door curtain

Easy to open the door and makes the top cover strong attach the metal playpen. Not easily deformed.

Provides 16 Sq Ft of Space

Give your pet space to stretch and play while keeping him safely confined - indoors or out.

Perfect for outdoor use

If you're using the Panels outside to give your pet natural room to roam, we've included eight ground stakes for extra security.

Takes off the cover, dog pen can configure square, rectangle, octangle playpen for puppies; used as a barrier or pet play yard gate.

The following information is for your reference:

Small Size—24”H—Suitable For Corgi, Chihuahua, Rabbit, Duck

Medium Size—30”H—Suitable For Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Shiba Inu

Large Size—36”H—Suitable For Samoyed, Labrador, Golden retriever, Husky, Alaskan

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