Flowing ribbons can be used as wedding bouquet streamers for bouquet decoration, invitations, backdrop decorations, stationary, newborn and detailed photography styling, gift wrapping, etc.


  • Size: 1.5" wide x 1.5Yd long per color in the chart.
  • These ribbons are in plain chiffon and crepe satin. Plain chiffon is draped and flowing and the crepe satin is soft and delicate with a slight sheen.
  • The upgraded fabric makes the ribbon less likely to come apart.
  • Every step of this ribbon is handmade, including dyeing, tearing into ribbons, and fraying. The hand frayed ribbon ensures the softest edge.
  • Due to all these being handmade, small imperfections, pigment marks, and variations along the length may be visible. Anyways it gives the product an adorable natural look.

Handmade Frayed Edges Ribbon in Dusty Rose & Mauve

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