Hanging Dog Doorbells with Adjustable Jingle Bells and Rustic Gold Bell

  • 🔔[ Dog Potty Training ] : These dog doorbells will be a medium to communicate with you and your dog. Let you know if your dog wants to urinate, is hungry, wants to go out, wants to go to the potty. If you're working on potty training your dog, then dog bell training—teaching a puppy or adult dog to ring a "potty bell"--can be a real lifesaver.
  • 🔔[ Keep The Aesthetics ] : Using natural unpainted geometric faceted wood beads. Rustic gold jingle bells are available in round and vintage styles. Handcrafted to retain functionality and beauty. Your dog will be making use of these doorbells a lot, Myabyron's dog doorbells are sturdy, durable and natural to suit any home decor.
  • 🔔[ Sound ] : Puppy training doorbell comes with 3 sets of bells so that you can hear your dog ringing it.The metal bells are a lot more durable and can produce a very loud sound. Even if you're in a different room or level. If the bells are too loud, you can remove some to adjust the noise level.
  • 🔔[ Adjustable Height ] : The length of Myabyron dog bells can be easily adjusted, thus making them no hindrance.These can be mounted on your door ,handles,knobs or on your wall and the dog simply has to lift a paw and push. These can be used for all sizes of dogs and placed at heights comfortable to them.One press of the button means “hey, I gotta go!”
  • 🔔[After Sales Service ] :Myabyron is committed to providing the best products for pets at a better price.We provides a straightforward warranty that is processed in the most hassle-free way possible.Please feel free to contact us if you need.

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Brand: Myabyron Myabyron Myabyron Myabyron
Features: For Small / Medium Dog / Soft Comfy / Waterproof Suitable for dogs of all sizes / Reversible for Ring to Go Outside/Potty Training for Ring to Go Outside/Potty Training
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Hanging Dog Door Bells

If you have ever wished for your dog to be able to communicate with you – dog doorbells are the answer to this wish.

The dog doorbells let you know if your dog wants to urinate, is hungry, wants to go out, wants to go to the potty – it is convenient and very useful too.

  • Popularly, also known as dog potty alerts, these are mainly used for potty-training purposes. The dog makes the sound with the bells and draws the attention of the owner to let them out to do their business.
  • If placed outside the house, these could also be used to indicate when the dog wants to come in – like a normal doorbell. It prevents them from soiling the house, scratching away the paint, or whimpering away in vain.

Other than that, keep the aesthetics in mind, it will become a part of your home so it needs to align well with your interiors too. Your dog will be making use of these doorbells a lot, so they need to be sturdy, durable, and all-weather!

For Dog Ring to Go Outside / Potty Training

This will be a product that will be used every day. That's why Mybyron dog doorbells are made from natural materials and are very dog friendly.

Not only can it be used as a dog doorbell, but also as a decorative addition to the home, enhancing the sense of ambience.

  • The geometric wooden bead style is made from natural wood and the rope is made from environmentallyfriendly plant material.
  • The Macramé type is made of pure cotton and hand-knitted.
  • Available in both round and vintage bell shapes. The stainless steel material is not prone to rusting.
  • The length can be adjusted as required. You can also remove some bells if you find the sound too loud.

How do you Train a Dog with Bells?

Training a dog with the doorbells is a fun activity as well as a little tricky. You must have clear training goals before you start.

Step 1 :Get to know

The placement of the bells is very crucial here. Once it is clear, you can introduce the bell to the dog.

As they try to understand it they learn about its features and especially of it making a sound.

Step 2 :Repeated training

Show your dog how it rings and then allow them to ring it. And every time it rings, it to present him with a reward or a treat. Repeat several times.

Step 3 :Timely response

Don't be lazying in the beginning, it is recommended that the dog's needs to be responded to in time to help reinforce the memory.

For potty training purpose, whenever the dog has to go for the natural call, indicate/show him the bell and once, he rings it, open the door and allow it to take care of its needs. Once they return, give the dog a treat. This will form into a habit in a very short time.

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