Instant Hot Water Dispenser - Quick Heating 6 Stage Control Portable for Infant FormulaMilkCoffeeTea LED Touch Screen Child Lock

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  • 【3s Quick Heating】:The portable quick heating water dispenser uses new heating technology with 1300W power,3s quickly heating water,heating faster than traditional electric kettles and similar products in the market,easily cope with different drinking water needs.
  • 【6 Stage Temperature Control】:The hot water dispenser provides 6 water temperature options,25℃(homeothermy)45℃/60℃/75℃/85℃/99℃.3s quick heating water technology,easily meet different drinking water needs at any time,you can brew a variety of drinks,such as coffee,flower tea,lemonade,milk etc.It also has a silent heating function,very suitable for mothers to brew baby formula for babies at midnight.
  • 【Safety Child Lock & Memory Function】:The hot water dispensers designed with child lock,it can avoid the danger caused by the child's touch.So you don't have to worry about children getting scalded by accidental touch.This instant hot water dispenser is equipped with smart memory function,clicking the unlock button,it will auto choose the temperature you chose last time,make it more rationalize and more user-friendly.
  • 【Lightweight & Portable】:This portable instant hot water dispenser weighs only about 1.5 pounds,about 8 inches high,very small and lightweight.You can carry it easily for business,travel,hotel,home,or office.
  • 【Package List】:1 × host, 1 × power cord, 1 × water tube,1 × manual.You can use water tube to connect with bucket,bottled purified water and mineral water.Tips:This hot water dispenser only heats mineral water and pure water with a water temperature of less than 40℃.

Product Description

Instant Hot Water Dispenser,3s Quick Heating,6 Stage Temperature Control,Portable Water Dispenser

DALAIER Instant Hot Water Dispenser Product Features

  • 3s Quick Heating:easily cope with different drinking water needs
  • 6 Stage Temperature Control:25℃(homeothermy)/45℃/60℃/75℃/85℃/99℃,easily meet different drinking water needs at any time
  • LED Touch Screen:make operation simple and clear,more rationalize and more user-friendly
  • Silent Heating:suitable for mother or father to brew baby formula for babies at midnight,does not affect the sleep quality of the lover
  • Water Vapor Separation:prevent scalding from splashing hot steam
  • Lightweight and Portable:mini and portable,weighs only about 1.5 pounds

Instant Hot Water Dispenser,3s Quick Heating,6 Stage Temperature Control,Portable

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Steps for Use

  1. Connect the water pipe
  2. Put the other end of the water pipe into bottled water or barrel water
  3. Press and hold the child lock and function button for more than 3S to unlock the child lock
  4. Click the switch button to drain-(when first used)
  5. Click the child lock and function button to select the desired water temperature
  6. Click the switch button to dispense water
  • Material:ABS
  • Non-slip:Added four non-slip pads at the bottomto prevent the instant hot water dispenser sliding random on moisture or smooth countertop,keep it steady and protect your tabletop not scratch.

45℃:Baby Formula

60℃:Flower Tea


99℃:Black Tea

Water Vapor Separation Technology:Use water vapor separation technology to prevent scald from being splashed by hot water vapor and protect your safety.

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