Disposable Cone Coffee Filters - 8-12 Cup Unbleached No Blowout 100 Count

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Discover a secure and eco-friendly option for your morning coffee with our Disposable Cone Coffee Filters. Crafted from pure natural log pulp, these filters are devoid of chemicals, glue, and formaldehyde, ensuring a safe brewing experience. TCF (totally chlorine free) and unbleached, they guarantee a clean taste without any unusual flavors. The high-quality construction effectively removes oils, filters out grounds and foam, delivering a consistently smooth and enjoyable cup of coffee.

Compatible with various coffee machines like Cuisinart, Ninja, and Hamilton Beach, these filters are universally applicable. Not only are they safe and efficient, but they also embrace an earth-friendly approach. Biodegradable and compostable, these filters consist solely of paper, breaking down effortlessly in a home compost setup, offering a sustainable and responsible choice for your morning coffee routine.

Rest assured of their quality and durability, providing a hassle-free coffee brewing experience. We're so confident in our product that we offer a money-back guarantee for any issues you might encounter. With 100 filters in each pack, you'll have an abundant supply for your daily coffee needs. These 8-12 cup filters, with their primary brown color, are made from pure natural wood pulp sourced from Japanese paper.

For optimal use, we recommend folding the filters at the seams on the bottom and side before placing them in the dripper to ensure the best taste and prevent leaks. Wet them slightly, add the appropriate amount of ground coffee, and brew with a small, stable amount of water for a delicious cup of coffee. Compatible with pour-over in flat and point bottoms, drip coffee makers, fan-shaped filter cups, and simple brew coffee makers.

The product has a gross weight of 0.16kgs, with a size of 7.56" * 4.45" and a package size of 7.56" * 4" * 1.37". Trust our Disposable Cone Coffee Filters for a safe, clean, and delightful coffee experience every time.

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