Jura Coffee Maker CLEARYL Smart Filter 24234

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The Jura Coffee Maker CLEARYL Smart Filter 24234 is specially designed for use with JURA automatic coffee machines. It ensures that your coffee is always prepared with freshly filtered water, resulting in the best possible coffee taste. With the CLEARYL filter cartridges, there is no need for frequent descaling of your coffee machine. This is because of the new Plus formula that stabilizes the water in the tank and prevents limescale deposits, prolonging the life of your machine.Thanks to the RFID technology, the CLEARYL Smart+ filter cartridge can be automatically detected by all JURA devices equipped with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.). This advanced system ensures that only the necessary amount of water is filtered for each preparation, allowing you to enjoy consistent and high-quality coffee every time.With the CLEARYL Smart+ filter cartridge, you can say goodbye to limescale, chlorine, and heavy metal in your water, which can negatively affect the taste and aroma of your coffee. The professional up-flow principle guarantees that only the best water is used to brew your coffee, so you can experience the full flavor of your favorite beans.In conclusion, the Jura Coffee Maker CLEARYL Smart Filter 24234 is an essential accessory for any JURA automatic coffee machine. It not only provides high-quality water for your coffee but also helps to extend the life of your machine. Upgrade your coffee brewing experience with the CLEARYL Smart+ filter cartridge.
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