Self Stirring Mug - Electric High Speed Mixing Glass Automatic Cup for CoffeeMilkProtein Powder

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  • 【Nice for Mixing Powdered Beverage】Self stirring cup is designed for mixing various powdered beverages, such as coffee, protein powder, powdered chocolate. It is also suitable for whisking eggs. However, it is not capable of uniformly mixing solid or chunky items.
  • 【High Quality and Safe Use】The electric high-speed stirring cup body is made of high borosilicate glass, capable of holding hot water just boiled at 100 degrees Celsius as well as ice water. The stirring stick and cup lid are made of polypropylene material. The handler is made of plastic. All materials are safe for food.
  • 【How to Install Batteries】Remove the orange silicon buckle on the lid and open the lid by twisting clockwise. Then Install 2 AAA batteries. To close the lid, make sure to align the press button beside the batteries and the pink heart button on the plastic lid, then twisting clock and inserting the orange silicon buckle
  • 【Troubleshooting】If you find that the speed of the self stirring mug stick slows down or does not rotate at all, please insert the silicone connector fully into the blender stick to prevent the silicone on the stick from rubbing against the silicone on the cup lid, which may cause the blender stick to malfunction.
  • 【Easy to Clean】Both the mixing cup and the stirring rod are easy to clean, and the cup lid can also be rinsed with water. However, it is advised not to soak them in water.

Product Description


On a beautiful morning, brew a delicious breakfast at home with an automatic blender cup, simple and convenient, energizing your entire day.


On a beautiful morning, brew a delicious breakfast at home with an automatic blender cup, simple and convenient, energizing your entire day


After pouring in the mixture, simply press a button to start and effortlessly enjoy your culinary delight.


Capable of easily handling temperature changes, it does not crack or explode suddenly when rapidly cooled.


The cup body is more stable during blending, resulting in lower noise levels


If you find that the stirring force of the mixer has weakened or it fails to work properly upon startup, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Remove the stirring rod and check if the silicone sleeve on the stirring rod is protruding.
  2. If it is protruding, push the silicone sleeve completely into the stirring rod.
  3. Reinstall the stirring rod and activate the stirring function.

Product Instrucitons


  • Name: Mixing Cup
  • Capacity: 400ML
  • Power Source: AAA Battery * 2
  • Material: High Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Three colors
  • Dimensions: 145 * 105 * 88 mm
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