Commercial Hot Water Dispenser with Filter - 15L Capacity - 1500W Rapid Heating

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  • Stepwise Heating: The water boiler heats water layer by layer, and refuses to mix hot and cold water, and no reheating. Combine with built-in filter, you can drink healthier water. 1500w rapid heating, you don't have to wait a long time and drink at anytime.
  • Microcomputer Intelligent System: The microcomputer directly controls the temperature by LCD panel, and automatically shut off and turn on by setting up that can saving power.
  • Large Capacity: The volume of the hot water boiler is 15 liters, and it can flow out 5 liters at once, 40L/H hot Water yield, that meets the needs of multiple people.
  • Multiple Safety Protection System: Anti-overheating/anti-scalding/anti-dry-burning/anti-steam protection, which effectively protects your safety, you can drink with confidence.
  • Three-Layered Insulation: Made of food-grade double-layer stainless steel liner,combined with PU foam interlayer, that effectively blocking the inner and outer temperature alternately to make the insulation better.

Product Description

Stainless Steel Heating Tube

The Heating tube of water boiler is made of high quaity stainless steel, 1500W Rapid Heating, anti-oxidation and more durable.

Intelligent Control

Our hot water urn is controled by microcomputer. You can regulate the temperature of water through the panel, and achieve automatically turn on and shut down by setting the timing function.

High Quaity Faucet

The faucet of water heater is made of food-grade stainless steel, and combines with spring back handle you can easy to pull and realease.

Built-in Filter

Two Stage Filtration. Stage 1 PP sediment filter, filter out above 5 microns sediment. Stage 2 CTO active carbon filter, remove color and odor. Make you healthier and have better tasting.

Removable Drip Tray

The drip tray of hot water dispenser can catch dripping water, prevent splashing, easy to remove and clean.

15L Large Capacity

40H/L hot water yield, and 5L hot water yield at once, that a lot of hot water can be provided in a short time. And you don't have to replace the water jugs.

Capacity 10L 15L 15L 20L 20L
Built-in Filter
Water Yield 30L/H 40L/H 40L/H 50L/H 50L/H
Size (inch) 15*7.3*19.5 15.3*7.3*26 15.3*7.3*26 17.5*7.3*27.2 14.2*10*21.6
Drip Tray
Body Material Powder Coating Metal Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Powder Coating Metal
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