Lux Leather USA Dog Doorbell - Handcrafted Trusted for Potty Training Train in Days

  • Our commitment to quality is evident in every set of PoochieBells, proudly handcrafted in the USA and subjected to rigorous testing and inspection. Unlike our many copy imitations our 1.25" bells are made with premium materials, ensuring a clear and distinct sound that can be heard throughout the house. Trust PoochieBells for a safe, reliable, and effective potty/housetraining solution for your furry friend.
  • Crafted with care in America, our custom bells are specially designed for dogs with features like lead-free material, reinforced durability, and smooth texture. Our bells also feature small openings to prevent your pet's nails from getting caught. For added safety, we highly recommend nose-to-bell training. Ensure your pet's safety and convenience with our one-of-a-kind dog training doorbells.
  • Say goodbye to unexpected messes, and complicated doggy door installations with PoochieBells dog bells. Our innovative product is designed to hang conveniently and securely 26 inches from any doorknob, handle, or hook - accommodating any size or breed, from Chihuahuas to Danes. With a one-size-fits-all design, our potty training tool features two sets of bells, requiring no adjustment and making it perfect for dogs of any age, breed, or size.
  • Our Poochie Bells team has partnered with leading Pet Professionals to develop a highly effective dog training method with an incredible success rate of over 95%. Poochie Bells are now considered an essential tool for every new puppy owner. Each set of Poochie Bells comes with our expert-endorsed guide, designed to make puppy potty training a breeze. Our step-by-step guide is simple to follow, making the training process both fun and easy for both you and your furry friend.
  • PoochieBells also designed with style and convenience in mind. Our bells are pleasantly audible, making them perfect for any home environment. You can easily hang them on any inside doorknob by simply looping around or unsnapping the top snap. Alternatively, you can hang them on a hook where your dog can easily access them. With their sleek and stylish design, PoochieBells will complement any home decor while serving as an essential tool for your furry friend's training routine.

Product Description

Custom USA Made Bells

Our dog training bells ensure pet safety with a smooth design & produce a pleasant sound, capturing your dog's attention without overwhelming them.

Individually Handcrafted

Since our start in 2005, every PoochieBells is individually handcrafted with the love and attention to detail we would expect for our own beloved pet.

Training Made Easy

Every PoochieBells comes complete with our trainer endorsed suggested training tag. Any age dog can learn to use PoochieBells as a way to communicate.

Over 50 Styles

We're obsessed with our product. With over 50 styles to choose from there is a PoochieBells style that fits your home, dog and your personality.

USA Made Since 2005

Design, Function & Handcrafted Quality

Every PoochieBells is individually handcrafted for you with two sets of strategically placed bells so that any size dog (both short legs and long) can easily nudge their bells. Our top loop unsnaps (except cotton webbing styles) to allow for hanging on any inside hook or door knob handle type. Super smooth USA made, nickel polished bells are securely fastened and provide just the right ring to be heard by all.

Professionally Endorsed

Quick & Easy Training

PoochieBells provide a simple and effective way for your dog to let you know when it's time to go outside. This system benefits both your furry friend and your family, creating a harmonious communication method. Get set for training! In just a few days, using our recommended approach of consistent repetition and positive reinforcement, you and your dog will master the use of PoochieBells. Every set of PoochieBells comes complete with our suggested training method.

How do I train my dog (and family) to use PoochieBells?

Consistency Is Key. 1: Hang It; 2: Ring It; and 3: Cheer It; always giving positive encouragement. Our expanded training guide is included on each PoochieBells with additional details. Average time is two weeks.

Should I give my dog treats to encourage them to use PoochieBells?

We suggest you do not use treats, as this is training your dog to associate ringing the bell with the need to go potty. They might otherwise associate a treat with ringing their PoochieBells.

What breed, size or age is best for implementing PoochieBells?

We know that any age or breed can successfully use PoochieBells. As this is a communication tool, vs. a trick, your dog will love the communication this tool delivers... you will too! Two sets of bells are fastened for all size legs to reach.

What are the measurements of PoochieBells?

PoochieBells are designed to fit on any doorknob or small hook. They hang approx. 27" down from the dooknob w/ two set of bells securely fastened to the strap. This ensures that all can reach and that it provides a loud enough sound for all to hear.

What happens if my dog rings it all the time just to go out and play?

This is where you must remain the pack leader in the house. Once trained, only respond to their ringing when appropriate for a next potty break outdoors. They will catch on that the tool is only for its intended potty time outings.

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