Hit Pause with Mixing Bowls

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Practice Self Care

Eating is a form of self care. At Mora Ceramics, we are more than just a small business. We are a reminder to hit pause, slow down, and enjoy the moment.

4 bowls that nestles

mixing bowl on the counter

Bowls with a whisk

a bunch of apples in a mixing bowl

Nestles Perfectly

We want the inside of your cabinets to look amazing when your bowls are stored.

Clean Aesthetic

Modern lines go well with any kitchen and are designed to make your food more enjoyable. Food tastes better when your environment looks good.

Designed for Mixing

The shapes and sizes are designed by bakers for bakers.

Multiple Uses

Our bowls work great for a variety of uses including centerpieces for tables, fruit bowls, popcorn, etc.

Open Shelving Inspiration

a bunch of mora ceramics products on an open shelf

Have open shelves? Show off your Mora Ceramics products.

aesthetic picture of the mixing bowls with a sheet in the background

Handcrafted Design yet Functional

We are firm believers that handcrafted design can be beautiful and functional at the same time. Many months have been spent creating the perfect size, speckles, colors and textures for a relaxing hit pause experience. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

Reasons You Need Mora

serving dishes, coffee mugs, salad plates, and ramekins all by Mora Ceramics on open shelves

a set of dinner plate, salad plate and ramekin on a table setting

mora ceramics aesthetic packaging

Collect Dishes for a complete Set

If you want all your dishes to match, our collection has all the pieces. Our tableware makes for a beautiful and complete set.

Paladin Clay

Only we provide Paladin Clay - a clay that is 30% stronger and lighter than other ceramic products. Helps make serving meals a breeze.

Makes a Great Gift

Whether it's a gift for yourself or for someone you love, our packaging ensures a beautiful aesthetic the second it arrives at your door.

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Our Mora Story

We are Jerry and Alix, a busy husband and wife who wanted to spend more time together. Jerry is a Chemical Engineer and research enthusiast who is now a ceramic expert. Alix is an artist, Chinese interpreter, and coffee lover who deals with anxiety and came up with the Hit Pause method. We spent months researching the right glaze, clay material, shape, and functionality. During our design process, we combined the beauty of handcrafted products with functionality. We hope you enjoy our hybrid creation.

  • IT’S TIME TO HIT PAUSE AND EAT: This is more than a bowl. Mora is Latin for "Pause", acting as a reminder to slow down in your amazing life. You are always being told to do more, to go faster, to be better, but it's time for you to slow down every once in a while and hit pause. Your Mora bowls can help you do that. No matter what you are eating, every time you use a Mora bowl it is a reminder to hit pause, give yourself some family time, and practice mindful eating.
  • STORAGE FRIENDLY NESTING: Our mixing bowls are designed with you in mind. Combine this set with our larger set to get a beautiful set of four mixing bowls for every kitchen need. See pictures below.
  • CRYSTALLIZED SCRATCH RESISTANT FORMULA: Our glaze is extra strong to prevent scratches from your knives and forks. Only we produce a crystallized glossy glaze that is strong enough to resist scratches under 1000 grams of pressure. Please note dark marks may occur due to finish on certain silverware, which are not scratches, but metal residue marks. To remove metallic stains, use Bar Keeper's Friend.
  • CERAMIC WITH 20% STRONGER PALADIN CLAY: Only we have Paladin Clay which is 20% stronger than the competitors, giving you stronger and more durable stoneware. Our clay has optimal heat retention to keep your food hotter longer, and can handle over 500 degrees F. Dishwasher safe and mother approved.
  • MORA’S PROMISE: We provide a free refund or replacement for any defective products, anytime. Just let us know what happened. We offer daily customer service because you are important to us. Our objective is to help you hit pause, so we won’t settle for anything you don’t love. We’re not happy unless you are.❤
Bowl Material Ceramic
Number of Pieces 2
Color Vanilla White
Special Feature Oven Safe, Handmade, Scratch Resistant

Mora Ceramic Large Mixing Bowls - Set of 2 Nesting Bowls for Cooking, Serving, Popcorn, Salad etc - Microwavable Kitchen Stoneware, Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe - Extra Big 2.5 & 1.6 Qt - White


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