OCTAVO 5L Water Boiler Warmer with 304 Stainless Steel Tank LCD Touch Screen Child Lock

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  • Stainless Steel Water Tank - Crafted with an emphasis on practicality and comfort, OCTAVO electric hot water pot features an independent detachable lid design. Water addition and cleaning are no longer tedious tasks.
  • Customize Selectable Temperatures - This water warmer offers unparalleled control with its selectable temperature feature. Choose from a wide range of temperatures, including 208°F, 195°F, 175°F, 160°F, 140°F, and 115°F, or let it cool down naturally. Catering to a variety of needs, this water boiler and warmer is perfect for a morning cup of coffee, mid-day tea, or late-night warm milk.
  • Pure Water with Dechlorination and Reboiling - Not just any water boiler, this hot water dispenser guarantees safe consumption by effectively removing chlorine during the boiling process. With a unique dechlorination and reboiling feature, it ensures that every sip you take is of pure, safe water, elevating the standard of water boilers and warmers.
  • Tap Water & Purified Water Modes - Dual drinking water modes, be it tap water or purified water, you can select the operation mode based on your preference, making this hot water dispenser a truly adaptable kitchen appliance.
  • Off-Power Water Dispensing - With a conscious design aimed at energy conservation, this water boiler and warmer allows for normal water dispensing even when the power is off. It’s not just an appliance, but a reliable companion that ensures a hot cup of water while effectively saving energy.

Product Description

Intuitive Large LCD Display

With a large LCD screen, this hot water pot ensures easy and efficient operation, providing an enhanced user experience.

Seamless Food-grade Water Tank

Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and features a seamless design, ensuring both outstanding durability and top-notch hygiene for safe use.

Easy-to-Clean Water Tank

Simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring effortless maintenance for user convenience.

Secure Lid Lock

The water tank of this hot water dispenser features a press-to-lock lid, ensuring a secure seal to prevent spills and enhance overall safety.

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