16-Piece Stainless Steel Bartender Kit with Cocktail Shaker and Tools

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  • 【SURPRISINGLY QUALITY】The Perjoy cocktail shaker set is made of the highest quality stainless steel grade: SS304 which does not leech harmful chemicals nor affect your beverages’ flavors. It is durable, won’t rust or corrode. Enjoy your shaking, stirring liquor and mixing happy time.
  • 【PROVIDES MOST ESSENTIAL BAR ACCESSORIES】This 16pcs cocktail shaker set includes all the bartender accessories: a 25 oz and 20 oz cocktail shaker, a double jigger of 2/3 and 4/3 oz , a mixing spoon, a ice tong, a muddler, a bottle opener, 6 liquor pourers, and a bar strainer, fine mesh strainer, cocktail recipe. Help you create drinks made from a wide variety of liquors like Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Brandy, and more.
  • 【EXCELLENT TIGHTNESS】Our 25 oz and 20 oz boston shakers is designed weighted and thickened, never leaks and never jams, and they can be easily stick together and provide better tightness.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】 All the parts are completely dishwasher safe. The cocktail shaker set is also easy to clean by hand, Simply rinse with warm water and soap, and this cocktail shaker set will be gleaming once again.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT】Fathers day gifts from daughter wife & son. Dad gifts for fathers day. In addition to this, If you have friends which are drink enthusiast or even a professional bartender, This cocktail shaker is a great gift for them. Also can make Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts. It offers several specialty bar tools for crafting beautiful looking and great tasting drinks. It is a must-have on any home & outdoor bar for you to create a wide variety of drinks.

Product Description

Professional Cocktail Bartender!

The 16-piece cocktail shaker can meet all your cocktail blending needs and bring you the most professional cocktail shaker!

The cocktail shaker set is an ideal gift for Christmas and family gatherings and birthdays.

Mixing Spoon

The 12" length makes our spoon suitable for everything, Perfect for cocktail bartenders, goblet and pitchers, and evenly mix fruit juices, drinks, seasoning milk shakes, etc.

Fine Mesh Strainer

The tightly woven mesh structure can effectively filter icy crumbs and pulp, thereby preparing crisp and clean beverages. The conical shape can filter broth, juice, tea, canned fruits, rice, beans, etc.

Ice Tong

Strong and durable: made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, thick enough, stronger and more durable, and the reasonable length and width make it possible to complete the work with a small grip.

Double Jigger

Accurate scale measuring cup, bottle opener will eliminate the trouble of opening beer and soda. It also includes a 2/3 ounce (20 ml) and 4/3 ounce (40 ml) double fixture.

6 Liquor Pourers

304 stainless steel and high-quality rubber cock, with excellent durability, easy to disassemble and replace, professional design can provide a perfect watertight seal to avoid spills and splashes.

Bar Strainer

Do you like clean and refreshing cocktails? The advanced filter attached to the shaker prevents ice and fruit cubes from slipping into your cocktail.

25 oz And 20 oz Boston Shaker

304 stainless steel shaker, with brushed design, strong and durable and can be used for a long time.


Ergonomic handle and diamond-shaped wedge-shaped cutter head, so that our mixer can quickly and easily crush mint, lime, citrus juice, herbs, spices, sugar and other ingredients.

Enjoy every moment of your life!

Contains 9 kinds of cocktail preparation methods, so that novices can quickly start to prepare, you are a handsome bartender!

Come and enjoy the fun of bartending with us!

Why choose perjoy boston cocktail shaker?

1: Absolutely good airtightness, no cocktails will be spilled.

2: 16pcs kit to meet all the needs of bartenders

3: 304 high-quality stainless steel which is reliable.

4: It can be quickly rinsed with water and shiny.

5.An excellent gift for a Birthday, Father’s Day, Graduation, and Anniversary. It comes in an old fashion design and beautiful box which is a perfect gift for friends and family.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Durable & Strong
  • Shatter Proof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Best Gift

Easy to clean

304 stainless steel wire drawing design, easy and fast cleaning. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher (to ensure that nothing else crushes the shaker). Hand washing is easier.

Excellent Sealing

The professional design ensures the convenience of the cocktail shaker and the sealability of the cocktail shaker, preventing the cocktail from spilling out during shaking, making your kitchen cleaner.

The Best Quality Material

Made of the highest quality stainless steel grade: SS304 which does not leech harmful chemicals nor affect your beverages’ flavors. It is durable.

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