Perfect for the groom, suitable for a fall, and winter wedding, rustic and vintage wedding, prom boutonniere, ceremony, anniversary, events, party, or a wedding gift.

  • Size: The pocket square boutonniere is approx. 6" W x 5" H. Combination of flowers and cards, the groom can easily put the boutonniere into suit jacket pockets.
  • Material: The boutonnieres are made of French orange Escimo rose, burnt orange rosebud, amber stone floral pick, burnt orange Cymbidium, and sage rose leaves.
  • Great Design: A luxurious boutonniere designed for the groom. The unique design is convenient for the groom to wear and also allows him to stand out among the groomsmen.
  • Pre-made & Convenient: The boutonniere for men will never wilt and are ready whenever you need them so you can order these ahead of time.
  • Notes: There may be a little deformity during handling, storing, and transportation. Please adjust the flowers to recover their shapes after receiving them. If there is dust on the product, please gently blow off the dust with cold air from a hair dryer or wipe it with a dry paper towel.

Pocket Square Boutonniere for Groom in Sunset Terracotta

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