Automatic Pearl Tapioca Cooker - 8L Touchscreen Maker for Bubble Tea Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls

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Upgrade your bubble tea and milk tea game with the Automatic Pearl Tapioca Cooker. This 8L touchscreen maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen, allowing you to create delicious drinks with perfectly cooked tapioca pearls. Made with high-quality materials, this cooker features a non-stick pan liner for easy cleaning and a durable aluminum alloy shell that is corrosion, rust, and wear-resistant. The built-in intelligent temperature probe ensures precise heat control and prevents any overflow. The steam outlet on the pot cover helps to balance air pressure while the visible tempered glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your cooking progress.Operating this cooker is effortless with its one-button touch screen control panel. You can easily set the working time and temperature to suit your needs. With its 8-liter capacity, this cooker is perfect for home use and commercial use in milk tea stores, bakeries, and coffee shops. The inner tank comes equipped with anti-scalding gloves for safe and convenient handling. This multi-purpose pot can be used to cook tapioca, pearls, sago, pudding, jelly, and brown sugar, giving you endless possibilities for delicious and warm beverages.Not only is this cooker a must-have for bubble tea lovers, but it's also perfect for preparing hot drinks in cold weather. Treat your loved ones to a cup of brown sugar pearl milk tea and spread some warmth in the winter. Plus, with the ability to adjust the sweetness of the pearls, you can easily customize your drink to your liking. This pearl cooker is your ultimate partner for making perfectly cooked pearls and indulgent drinks in the comfort of your own home.Experience the convenience and deliciousness of homemade bubble tea and milk tea with the Automatic Pearl Tapioca Cooker. Add this 8L cooker to your kitchen arsenal today and see the difference in your drink-making game! Product parameters include: Product Name, Material, Capacity, Voltage, Packing Size, Product Size, Package Weight, and Function. Don't miss out on this amazing product. Order now and elevate your drink-making experience!
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